‘Woo Young-woo in the golf world’ Lee Seung-min “I want to become a player who delivers dreams and hopes”

Lee Seung-min (26), who impressed by winning the US Adapted Open last year, will take on a new challenge this year.

Lee Seung-min participated in the US Adapted Open hosted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) last year and became the first champion. The US Adapted Open is a golf tournament for the disabled, and he, who has a level 3 developmental disability, reached the top in the first tournament held.

Despite his handicap, Lee Seung-min has left many great achievements with his love for golf. He is the first person with a disability to qualify as a professional on the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour in 2017, and is also participating in the tournament.

Lee Seung-min said, “Winning the US Adapted Open was a really happy moment in my life. The driving force behind my victory was the experience I gained on the KPGA Korean Tour.” I sincerely thank you,” he said.

The challenge never stops. He also set three new goals for 2023, one of which is defending his US Adapted Open title. He was guaranteed to play for five years by winning last year. I am nervous and excited to participate as the defending champion. He said, “I will prepare hard so that my name ‘Lee Seung-min’ can be engraved in the second column of the championship trophy.” 바카라

If there is something else to look forward to, 2024 A golf event will be newly established at the Paris Paralympic Games. If I participate in the Paralympic Games, I plan to challenge the first champion. Lee Seung-min pledged, “I want to do my best by participating in any competition to raise awareness and interest in developmental disabilities.”

In addition to this, they plan to pass the fourth cut on the regular tour and challenge to break the highest score on the Korean tour, with the highest score being 62nd at the 14th DB Insurance Promi Open in 2018. Last year, they tied for 83rd in the Korean Tour seed match. Since Lee Seung-min is on the waiting list, he also made plans to participate unconditionally in tournaments with preliminary rounds on Monday this year.

They also set a goal to participate in activities to improve awareness of autism and developmental disabilities. Lee Seung-min said, “I felt that the perception of autism developmental disorder has changed a lot by winning the US Adaptive Open. I am deeply grateful to the companies that sponsor golf for the disabled.” Since then, I have been steadily saving 20,000 won and 10,000 won, respectively, in my piggy bank whenever I record eagles and birdies. I want to record many birdies this year and donate to people with developmental disabilities. Lee Seung-min, who is a good golf player and can deliver dreams and hopes, I will,” he promised.

Lee Seung-min will get a ticket to participate as a recommended player in the Thailand Golf Tour Singhai Mountain Open held at the Khon Kaen Golf Club in Thailand for four days from February 23rd.

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