“Wontae come, single bungle, tea chief be happy…, I’m on my way” A hilarious retort from a ‘former’ native ace, and the truth behind it.

LG Twins owners Cha Myung-seok (54) and Lim Chan-kyu (30) are a delightful pair.

Although they are close and like each other, they don’t shy away from making dirty jokes on the team’s YouTube channel or in the media.

On LG Twins TV’s ‘LTUBE wants to communicate’ on March 29, Cha explained the reason for trading Choi Won-tae (26): “He’s a good starting pitcher, and it was also to give the young pitchers a warning,” he said.

He then added a clever lie, “Actually, I don’t want to see Im Chan-kyu start the third inning (laughs),” causing laughter.

Cha laughed, saying, “I was warned that Im’s performance this season might be a “huoguang banjo” (回光返照, a candle shines brightly once before going out), and I was warned, ‘Don’t regret it.

But he was serious when he spoke. “(Lim) did a really good job. He’s definitely the player of the first half. Without him, it wouldn’t have been easy for us to finish first. He put in a lot of effort,” he praised.

After winning his eighth game of the season for Samsung Electronics on June 6, Lim Chan-kyu mentioned Cha’s praise during an interview with Soo-hoon and responded, “I watched El Tube, and it seemed like I wasn’t in his heart.” “I want him to be happy, and I think I’m just doing my best to express my baseball,” he said. “Choi Won-tae came over and said, ‘You’ve been acting like a little bitch lately,'” he said, making the audience laugh.

Choi Won-tae may not have been the only one to warn the younger player. Im Chan-kyu also rebounded after Choi Won-tae’s arrival.

He won both games in August. The first was a 5⅔-inning, two-run win against Kiwoom on August 1, and the second was a five-inning, one-run win against Daegu Samsung Electronics on August 6. Samsung Electronics was particularly aggressive, striking out seven batters in a 7-4 win.

8-2 with a 3.26 ERA in 20 games. Not bad for a homegrown ace.

Lim Chan-kyu had an MVP-like performance in May, going 5-0 with a 1.97 ERA. He faltered slightly in two games against KT in July. This prompted him to change his mindset.

“The two games in July weren’t good and I could have gotten overthinking, but I reset my mindset before the August Kiwoom game. My mindset was to go back to the basics and have fun again, not obsess over the results. I think it led to good results because I didn’t fall into deep thoughts. I think I struck out a lot of batters like today because I was more aggressive.”토토사이트

On being just two wins shy of 10 after 2020.

“I feel like if I’m conscious of 10 wins and conscious of my ERA, I’m going to fall back to that again, so I feel like it’s my job to just go out there and do what we set out to do at the beginning of the season and just throw hard where the team needs me to throw hard.”

Disrespect and indifference. He’s not worried about losing the ace position to Choi Won-tae.

“I think Won-tae is our homegrown ace, whether it’s by record or by age or by content. I hope he can play the role of ace well, and I think if he continues to play like he is now, he will have more synergy with (Lee) Jung-yong, (Lee) Ji-gang, and (Kim) Yoon-sik, who is now in the second team.”

Choi Won-tae has pitched well in two consecutive games since the trade. Cha calls it the “catfish effect,” but Lim sees it as the “no-hitter” effect. Same thing, slightly different interpretations.

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