Women’s shot put Yu-seon Jeong, Korea’s first Asian Indoor Athletics Championships gold medal!

Jung Yoo-seon (26, Ansan City Hall), the best Korean female shot putter, won the first gold medal as a Korean athlete at the Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships.

In the women’s shot put final on the 2nd day of the 10th Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships held in Astana, Kazakhstan on the 11th, Jung Yoo-seon won with a record of 16m98, beating Lee Soo-jeong (30, Seogwipo City Hall, 16m45) and Eki Febrie Kawati (31, Indonesia). 15m44) and won the championship. Until the end of the war, Korean track and field had only two medals at the Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships: Choi Yoon-hee (37, retired), who won the silver medal in the women’s pole vault at the 2012 Hangzhou Games, and Yoo Gyu-min (22, Iksan City Hall), who won the men’s triple jump bronze medal at the previous day (10th). However, on this day, Jeong Yoo-seon climbed to the top of the podium and rewrote history.

Since the National Track and Field Championships in July 2020, it has been shown that he has never been pushed out of second place in domestic competitions, showing his persistence. In particular, the fact that it was a performance against senior Lee Soo-jeong, who only won 3 out of 10 matches last year, is also valuable. 바카라

Her Lee Soo-jeong, whom Jung Yu-sun competed in the finals on this day, was a formidable enemy who exchanged General Meng-gun in domestic competitions. Last year, Jeong Yu-seon participated in all domestic competitions (10) recognized by the Korea Association of Athletics Federations, except for the business team track and field meet in September. At the time, she had 3 gold medals and 7 silver medals around her neck. Coincidentally, the runner-up of the event he won was Soo-jeong Lee, and the winner of the event he won was Soo-jeong Lee. The ‘showdown of souls’ was also held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Recently, the momentum of the two players was similar, so a great match was expected even before the match. Jeong Yu-sun recorded her personal best record (17m12) relatively recently, in June 2021, and her best record (16m76) last year was also not bad. Sujeong Lee also established her personal best (16m81) in May last year. In addition, both Jung Yoo-seon and Lee Soo-jeong are ranked 3rd and 4th in the Korean record, raising expectations for a confrontation between the strongest players in active play.

This time, it was Jeong Yu-seon who threw 16m98 in the 4th period to win. Sujeong Lee threw 16m45 in the 5th round, but that was it. It was Jeong Yoo-seon, who only won 3 times out of 10 matches last year, but laughed first in international competitions. After the final round, the two players exchanged high-fives and climbed to the podium wearing the national flag.

Ansan City Hall coach Lee Young-sook (57) said, “(Jung) Yoo Seon-i had weak stamina for a throwing player until last year, and his knee health was also uneven, so I was very concerned.” Prior to that, his self-confidence was so low that he was worried about entering the Jincheon National Team Village, but he seems to have prepared well for the national team. His pace has been good since the second half of last year,” congratulating his student on his gold medal harvest.

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