With the Heart of a Pavilion Master…Huang Sun Honghao Enters the Land of the Final Battle

The Korean national soccer team has arrived in Hangzhou, China, to compete for a third consecutive Asian Games title. Coach Hwang Sun-hong has vowed to fight to the death.

Kim Hyung-yeol is a reporter.

The fans at Incheon Airport were all smiles as they signed autographs and posed for pictures, but the national soccer team was determined to get to their final destination.카지노

Head coach Hwang Sun-hong used the lion’s cry, “Pabu Chimjoo,” to set the tone for the gold medal.

He said he was not yet at 100 percent, but would continue to build up his strength through the qualifiers, and that he would not rush ace Lee Kang-in, who will join the team after playing a Champions League match on the 20th, from the third match against Bahrain on the 24th.

After arriving at Hangzhou Airport after a two-and-a-half-hour flight, the team went straight to Jinhua, the venue for the first leg, to undress.

The team will begin their quest for a third consecutive gold medal with a first-round match against Kuwait on the 19th.

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