Why is Puig hitting a home run… Oh Won-seok, if you go a little further, you will break an egg and come out

Yasiel Puig (33), who has now returned to the United States, was strong against SSG Young Gun Oh Won-seok (22) when he was playing for Kiwoom last year. He didn’t have a very high batting average, but he only hit three home runs. Although Oh Won-seok had a good fight in the 4th game in the Korean Series, it was Puig who harassed him until the end.

After the KIA demonstration game in Gwangju was canceled on the 23rd, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung looked back on last year and said, “Only Oh Won-seok was hit a lot by Puig. I used to talk about that with pitching coaches.” I threw a lot, so I put the hitting point a little behind so I wouldn’t be fooled. The player thought he could overcome it, but the cutter had to go the course, but it didn’t, so it caught on (Puig’s) timing. At that timing, he got three shots.” I saw.먹튀검증

The reason Puyi suddenly came up was because he thought that there might be the final gateway for Oh Won-seok to completely break out of his egg. Oh Won-seok, who is certain to be in SSG’s opening rotation due to Eni Romero’s injury, took the mound as the team’s third pitcher in the 6th inning against Hanwha at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 21st. Aside from the overall results, the pitching content was completely different for each inning.

The pitching in the 6th inning was amazing. The fastball flew like a ruler, and with two strikeouts, he finished three batters in nine pitches. In the 7th inning, he only got one hit, but caught all the other batters and did not give up a run. The second inning was almost perfect pitching. However, after one out in the 8th inning, he got 4 hits in a row and eventually gave up 3 runs. Manager Kim believed that the cause of the wide jump in each inning was the cutter’s control.

Coach Kim said, “Even in the Hanwha game (7th inning), Moon Hyun-bin thought it was a fastball (four-seam) and went out, but the cutter came to the middle. It was the same for Kim In-hwan. If the cutter doesn’t work, it becomes a slow fastball.” It has to fit well into the course to some extent. When the cutter comes in the middle, it just goes right at the timing of the fastball, so the control of the cutter is important. In the case of the same stone, such small misses take one timing.”

Paradoxically, director Kim meticulously memorizes and analyzes the situation because he has high expectations. Coach Kim honestly says that Oh Won-seok is still not at the level where he can maintain control throughout the game. However, he is confident that his pitch continues to improve, and that his control and consistency can improve over time, just like his pitch. Director Kim, who praises Oh Won-seok as “a pitcher who improves visibly every year,” is about to watch the process with pleasure.

Director Kim said, “Last year was better than 2021, and now is better than last year. Also, the speed has become 3-4km faster. That’s why it’s a competition,” he said happily, saying, “I still don’t have the ability to put in and take it out like (Kim) Kwang-hyun, but my pitch is getting better, so batters are having a hard time.” did not hide

It’s a problem that no one can directly teach you or substitute for you. Oh Won-seok himself has to overcome it. He’s still a young pitcher, and opportunities to prove he’s overcome the challenges keep coming. If you go a little further, you can break the egg and come out. That means SSG is getting a player to use for the rest of the decade.

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