Who is the KLPGA Tour Super Rookie Candidate? Field training book “The goal is to win”

Two months before the domestic opening game of the 2023 season Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, rookies who will create a new wind are sweating at the battery training ground.

How are rookies who entered the KLPGA tour with excellent results in last year’s Dream Tour and regular tour seeding matches spending their training?

◇’Dream Tour Powerhouse’ Kim Seo-yoon 2 · Kim Ha-ni, Thailand “goal to win”… Hwang Yeon-seo Vietnam “within 30th place in prize money

” are training in He said, “We decided on a training ground with a difficult course to adapt to the regular tour.” He added, “The goal of the rookie season is to win the championship and the rookie award,” and added, “I will do my best in training to achieve my goal.”

Kim Ha-ni (23), who won the ‘KLPGA 2022 Q Capital Partners Yellow Whole Chicken Dream Challenge Round 1’ and ranked 11th in prize money for the Dream Tour in the 2022 season, also said in Thailand, “I think learning the short game is the most important thing to seize opportunities that may come at any time.” He said, “The goal of the rookie season is, of course, to win. He will prepare hard for the championship, so please support him a lot.”

Hwang Yeon-seo (20, Daewoo Industrial Development), 7th in the 2022 season Dream Tour prize money ranking, who has been in the top 10 six times, including winning the ‘KLPGA 2022 Muan CC-All For You Dream Tour Round 10’, is training in Vietnam. Hwang Yeon-seo said, “I am putting my heart and soul into increasing the driving distance through weight training.”

◇Consistent Kim Ga-young and Kim Yeon-hee, sweating in the US and Thailand “Correction of iron shots”, “Finding my own swing and improving physical strength”

Ga-young Kim (21, Dibella), 8th in the prize money rankings for the 2022 season Dream Tour, and Yeon-hee Kim (21), 12th in the jump tour Although he has never won the Dream Tour, he entered the KLPGA Tour in the 2023 season with stable performance. The two are struggling to decorate their first championship with a regular tour victory.

Kim Ga-young, who trains in the United States, said, “I am preparing for my rookie season with an emphasis on correcting iron shots.” I want to win the championship in my rookie season.” 온라인바카라

Kim Yeon-hee, who is training in Thailand, is trying to make a certain swing. He said, “I want to have a lot of experience in my rookie season, so I want to reduce the number of missed cuts as much as possible.”

◇Overcoming the seed ranking match Kim Min-byeol, Hwang Yu-min, Lee Ji-hyun 7 Quenching in Thailand and the United States “The goal is to win”

KLPGA 2023 Regular Tour Rookies who have passed the seed ranking match are also spending fierce days at the battery training ground. In particular, rookies from the national team, who are emerging as next-generation stars, are exceptionally determined. Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro), former senior in the 2023 regular tour seed ranking, is concentrating on training in Thailand to adapt to his regular tour stage. He said, “I am practicing the technical part, such as the distance of the iron shot and the low trajectory required when the wind blows.” “The goal in mind is always winning. I will do my best with the mindset of getting into the top 10 in each tournament.”

Lee Ji-hyeon 7 (21, Nike), 5th in the KLPGA2023 regular tour seed ranking match, said in the United States, “I think my strength is the long game. However, he realized that the short game must be supported in order to achieve good results on the regular tour.”

Hwang Yu-min (20, Lotte), who raised the expectations of golf fans by causing an amateur sensation last season, entered the regular tour this season in 6th place in the KLPGA 2023 regular tour seeding match. After leaving the field training in Thailand, he said, “I am satisfied with the overall last season, but I want to give myself 90 points in that there were ups and downs.” Through this training, I will improve many areas such as driver distance, short game, and mentality, and I will try to win this year.”

In addition, Kim Min-seon 7 (20, Daebang Construction), Eom Gyu-won (23, Wemade), Lee Shu-ing (20), Ko Ji-won (19, Samchully), etc., have traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines to spend their once-in-a-lifetime rookie season without regret. I am doing field training. Expectations are high for the performance of the KLPGA Tour rookies in the 2023 season, which will compete for the rookie award more than ever.

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