‘What a shame!’…Lee Kang-in, ‘Lots of Korean Love’ Buddhist legend and ‘Priestly Jigan’ fall apart

South Korean soccer’s “future” Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) is set to join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France.

Local media reported that Lee and PSG have reached an agreement and have completed a medical. The contract is for five years.

Local media see Lee as the start of a reformation at PSG. It’s a move to rebuild the team with younger players who have a lot of potential, instead of focusing on superstars.

It”s not just the players that will change. The coach is also likely to be replaced. Christophe Galtier, who was in charge until last season, is practically a done deal. PSG are now busy looking for his replacement. They’re looking for someone who can lead their young players.

The most likely candidate is former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann. The news that the genius Lee Kang-in would be coached by the genius Nagelsmann raised expectations, but the meeting between the two geniuses fell through. “Negotiations between Nagelsmann and PSG broke down,” reported L’Equipe in France.

With the collapse of Nagelsmann’s deal, the coaching staff who wanted to join Nagelsmann at PSG also fell through.

One of the biggest disappointments was the departure of French soccer legend Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The French soccer legend and iconic striker for Arsenal in the English Premier League. Especially because he had a deep love for Korea and Korean soccer. Thierry Henry.

He is a favorite of Korean soccer fans. His greatness as a soccer player is complemented by his love for Korea. In particular, he appeared on the popular Korean entertainment program Infinite Challenge, where he showed his friendly side instead of his superstar persona, which made him an absolute favorite of Korean soccer fans. He is still considered the best guest on the show to date.

Henri is also known for his close friendship with South Korean superstar Son Heung-min (Tottenham). During his time as a commentator, when everyone was criticizing Son Heung-min, Henri stood by him and believed in his value.

Henri could have become a priestly friend to Lee Kang-in, but that opportunity also fell through. Henri wanted to be the head coach of PSG when Nagelsmann was hired, but negotiations broke down and Henri decided not to go to PSG.스포츠토토

His affection for Korea made him the perfect coach for Lee Kang-in, and there were high hopes that he could help Lee grow as a legendary striker in world soccer.

“Henri tried to join PSG as Nagelsmann’s head coach, but Nagelsmann refused, and Henri also withdrew from the contract,” Spain’s ‘As’ reported.

“With Nagelsmann’s departure, PSG are in talks with three coaches: former Spain national team coach Luis Enrique, Leverkusen coach Xabi Alonso and Bologna coach Thiago Motta. One of the three is creating a positive atmosphere,” he added.

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