‘We are the future’ Busan, 8 rookies ‘Storm Recruitment’

Busan I’Park recruited 8 prospective players to play with Busan in the 2023 season.

First, Hyunjun Lee, Hyungyu Lee, and Minho Cho, from Busan Youth, continue the pride of Busan Youth.

Striker Lee Hyeon-joon, born in 2004, hails from Gaeseong High School in Busan U18. Last year, he played 9 games as a semi-professional. Lee Hyun-jun can play both striker and attacking midfielder positions, and has aggressive movements and aggressiveness.

Midfielder Cho Min-ho, born in 2004, is a Busan youth who went through Busan U15 and U18, and is a rookie who plays cleverly to create scoring chances during the attack build-up process. He went straight to pro without going to college.

Born in 2002, defender Lee Hyeon-gyu went to Soongsil University after graduating from Busan U18 Kaesong High School. He is a player who is capable of attacking and defending from both sides, and has quick and clever plays.

Defender Jang Myeong-geun, midfielder Son Hui, and striker Kwak Seung-jo went straight to the pros without going to college after graduating from high school and ended up wearing the uniforms of Busan I-Park.

Midfielder Son Hui, born in 2004, was from Cheonan Jeil High School and won the 2022 59th Cheongryonggi High School Football Championship Best Player Award. He is recognized for his skills enough to be selected for all age groups from U13 to U17. He is active, agile, and has good dribbling skills with both feet.

Defender Jang Myeong-geun, born in 2004, played for Dongmyeong FC, a youth soccer club in Busan. He was selected through a test for the club football team, not under the professional umbrella. He is 188cm / 80kg in good physical condition and has excellent situational judgment and coping skills when defending based on the advantage of his left foot.  토토사이트

Striker Kwak Seung-jo, born in 2004, played a key role in leading Chungkyung High School to win the 2022 Autumn National High School Football Championship, and was recognized for his performance and received an offensive award. He shows good form in terms of speed and offensive technique.

Players who showed outstanding skills while attending college will also join Busan in the 2023 season.

Midfielder Lee Jung-yoon, born in 2000, is from Jeonju University and won the best player award at the 2021 Spring 1st and 2nd year college soccer tournament. He is good at physical combat and aerial competition, supplying passes to the front, and has excellent transition kicks and mid-range shooting skills.

Born in 2002, midfielder Yang Se-young is from Yongin University. During high school, he was called a ‘left-footed magician’ and drew attention as a promising player. He uses agile dribbling and reckless breakthrough as his weapons. He is a good passer and kicker. He has the advantage of being able to keep the ball and link play.

Busan established Team B in the 2023 season, operated the K4 League, and strived to nurture new players to enhance their sense of game and competitiveness. Together with the eight players who joined Busan through this contract, they are looking forward to playing in the K2 and K4 leagues in the 2023 season.

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