Trout, the undisputed king, is closer to winning the WBC than the World Series

 The top of the World Baseball Classic is closer than winning the World Series. For Mike Trout (Angels), yes.

Trout, the ‘King of Unrelated’, won the MVP three times in 11 years from 2012, his first full-time season to last year, and is the best player in the major leagues, finishing second in the MVP voting four times. He has nine seasons in which he finished in the top 5 in MVP voting.

However, he is thirsty for fall baseball. He played in the major leagues for 12 years, including his debut season, but his postseason career is almost non-existent. The Los Angeles Angels, with Trout, advanced to the Division Series in 2014, but were eliminated with a three-game losing streak against the Kansas City Royals. Even with the addition of Shohei Otani to Trout, the 50% win rate is too high. 슬롯사이트

In addition to Trout, Team USA has three more MVPs: Clayton Kershaw (2014 National League), Mookie Betts (2018 American League), and Paul Goldschmidt (2022 National League). Trout is a shining star among them. He just doesn’t win a championship (Gold Schmidt doesn’t win either, but has more than 100 postseason games). That’s why Trout is all the more desperate for this WBC championship.

Realistically, he’s even closer to winning the WBC than the World Series. Not only Kershaw Betts Goldschmidt MVP colleagues, but also the rest of the players are gorgeous. There are more than 10 All-Stars last year, including Pete Alonso (Metz), Trey Turner (Philadelphia), and Nolan Arenado (St. Louis).

The United States also won the championship at the WBC in 2017 with a national team that was considered the ‘weakest ever’. In 2017, there were only seven All-Stars on the U.S. team from the previous year. At this time, Trout declined even though he was invited to participate in his national team, and he regretted his decision as he watched the championship. This is the reason why he confirmed his participation in the WBC in July of last year. said, “Trout has made the postseason only once since his debut. He has only one hit in 12 at-bats in three games. He has never played for the best team.” I want to watch the WBC just to see this scene.”

Trout greets spring camp with a different routine for the WBC. He should be different from the past when he picked up the pace in the exhibition game in early March. He said, “I think I should enter the batting cage a little earlier,” and finished his mental preparation.

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