Toronto wants Siakam and Anunobi? The price will be huge 

The Toronto Raptors (hereinafter referred to as Toronto) will not give up the trade of Pascal Siakam (28, Cameroon) and OG Anunobi (25, England) easily.

Reporter Michael Grange of Media Sportsnet reported on the 3rd that Siakam and Anunobi will be sold individually or as a combined product at very high prices in the trade market.

“Toronto may want a trade that includes draft picks and young prospects in exchange for Siakam and Anunobi,” said Grande. .

Currently, Toronto has a promising player from last season named Scotty Barnes at the same position as Siakam and Anunobi. However, Toronto is having a disappointing season, finishing 12th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 16-21 (0.432) in the 2022-23 season. 토토

Accordingly, if Toronto’s President Masai Yujiri decides on a rebuilding route to acquire Victor Wembanyama, he can trade Siakam and Anunobi, the most valuable players in the team.

Siakam played 27 games this season and averaged 26.5 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.7 assists in 37 minutes, 48.5% field goal success rate (19.1 attempts), and 78% free throw success rate (8 attempts).

Anunobi played 36.3 minutes on average in 33 games this season, 18.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 2.2 steals (League 1), field goal success rate 47.1% (14.7 attempts), 3-point success rate 35.3% (5.2 attempts), free throw success rate 83.8% ( 3.5 trials).

In particular, Anunobi’s value lies in its defensive ability, worthy of being named the defender of the year. Anunobi suppressed Donovan Mitchell with a field goal success rate of 28.6% (2/7) and made him record 41.6% (5/12) and 2 turnovers against Luka Doncic. In addition, Anunobi blocked Kevin Durant with a field goal success rate of 33% (2/6) and 4 turnovers, Dizonte Murray with a field goal success rate of 20% (1/5), and Jimmy Butler with a field goal success rate of 25% (1/4) and Induced 2 turnovers.

Previously, Toronto declared the value of Anunobi before the start of this season as two first-round picks and a young prospect. However, Toronto raised the value of Anunobi to the Mitchell class during the season. (Mitchell trade-three unprotected first-round picks, two first-round picks with swap rights inserted, young prospects)

Meanwhile, Toronto is likely to make a decision that suits its future soon, as the trade deadline for this season is only one month away.

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