“This time, my dream was ruined…” Choi Ji-man, who couldn’t wear the Taegeuk mark, waits for the next opportunity

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Choi Ji-man (32) could not hide his disappointment at the club’s opposition to participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

On the morning of the 6th, KBO said, “On the 5th in Korean time, the WBC Organizing Committee WBCI (World baSeball Classic Inc) informed the KBO that Choi Ji-man could not compete in the WBC.”

The reason why the Pittsburgh team opposed Choi Ji-man’s participation in the WBC tournament was because of his surgical history. Choi Ji-man underwent surgery to remove bone fragments in his right elbow in Korea last November.

Although he needed permission from the club during his rehabilitation, Choi Ji-man met reporters at Incheon International Airport on his way to the United States on the 8th of last month and said, “I was preparing for the WBC competition and I had surgery, so I had to schedule this quickly to lift my body in good weather. He explained the reason for leaving earlier than usual.

At the time, Choi Ji-man said, “I will work hard to improve my physical condition as much as possible. A lot of people are curious right now, but I really want to go (to the WBC). But the team hasn’t decided yet. I am continuing to appeal to the team,” he said. He showed a strong will to compete in the WBC.

He said, “I was hungry because I had never worn the Taegeuk mark. He has already been playing with Korean players for over 13 years. So he had so many thoughts that he really wanted to do it. In the past, there were many things like the Premier League, the Olympics, and the WBC. But it was a pity that I couldn’t jump. I had a strong desire to go,” he said.

He said that he also appealed to Technical Committee Chairman Cho Beom-hyeon to participate in the WBC. However, due to opposition from the club, he could not board Lee Kang-cheol. As much as he was thirsty, so was his disappointment.

After the KBO announcement against the club’s opposition, Choi Ji-man said, “I received the final notification through the KBO that I could not play for the WBC Korean national team. Through the framework of the World Baseball Classic Organizing Committee (WBCI), the KBO announced that the Pittsburgh club would not participate in the WBC due to the recent history of elbow surgery. He said he had lowered it,” he regretted.

Next, Choi Ji-man said, “Not only me, but all athletes, regardless of sport, would have dreamed of running as a representative of the country with a Taegeuk mark on their chest. This time he was overjoyed when he was included in the WBC national reserve roster. I wonder if my expectations were high, and the disappointment and frustration caused by the decision to not be accepted is also very great.”

It was a disappointing situation for Choi Ji-man, but in a way, it could be an opportunity. Choi Ji-man will play in a Pittsburgh uniform this year. In 2016, he debuted in the big leagues as a member of the Los Angeles Angels and played for the Tampa Bay Rays through the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers. He was a Tampa Bay man until last year. 온라인카지노

He also needs to solidify his own position. Besides, at the end of the 2023 season, he will also be eligible for free agency. Before leaving for the United States, Choi Ji-man said, “When this year is over, he will become a free agent. Still, he won’t think about it and will work hard. He thinks that if he does his best, he will have good results.”

I was in a hurry to participate in the WBC tournament, but preparations for the season are also going well. He said, “I returned to the United States and was going through a normal rehabilitation process, and recently there is no problem enough to proceed with live betting.”

He said, “The disappointment is so great and it hurts,” but he said, “I was improving my physical condition well in line with the schedule for the first round in Tokyo as well as joining the national team scheduled for mid-month.”

It will be past the age of 30 to look at the next tournament, but if you manage well, there will be another opportunity. Players in their mid-thirties, such as Kim Hyeon-soo (LG Twins), who is 3 years older than Choi Ji-man, and Choi Jeong (SSG Landers), who is 4 years older than Choi, are also selected as main players.

If you play well in the big leagues, you will be able to look for the next opportunity. Choi Ji-man said, “Unlike my will, my dream of joining the national team was canceled due to the influence of the surrounding environment, but if I am given another chance next time, I want to achieve my dream of becoming a national team member.” As he said, there will be an opportunity to contribute to the country in a better shape if you are digesting the season in a healthy way in the major leagues.

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