The UFC’s Worst KO Victory Made With Taekwondo Kicks! Edson Barboza “Expectations against Jeong Chan-sung”, “I want to be remembered as the most creative striker”

Let’s assume that you are making a highlight video introducing the UFC. What game scene would you include?

One of the scenes not to be missed is the back kick KO where Edson Barboza (37, Brazil) knocked out Terry Etim at UFC 142 on January 14, 2012.

Barboza drew attention as a powerful striker with this back kick, and later emerged as a representative kicker who won KO’s with leg kicks, body kicks, and head kicks in the UFC.

What’s interesting is that not many people know that Barboza’s kicks originated from Taekwondo kicks. It is the same in Korea, the birthplace of Taekwondo.토스카지노

On the 16th (Korean time), at UFC on ESPN 44 in Kansas City, USA, we asked Barboza about his taekwondo training experience, where he will face Billy Quarantillo in a featherweight match.

Barboza smiled brightly and replied, “Taekwondo is the origin of my spinning kick,” and revealed, “Taekwondo is one of the martial arts I enjoy watching the most.”

Barboza, who is on a two-game losing streak, hopes to overcome Quarantillo’s mud fight and face off against a top-ranked player.

When asked about the possibility of facing Chan-sung Jung, he said, “I don’t know if they will call out Chan-sung Jung. But I hope the UFC will offer me a fight with Chan-sung Jung. He is one of the best fighters.”

Below is the full interview.

-What do you know about Korean culture?
“It’s not my first martial art, but I practiced Taekwondo. When I was young, I competed in many Taekwondo competitions in Brazil for a very long time. Taekwondo is the origin of my spinning kick.”

– I was going to ask. Can you say that you have mastered the basics of spinning kick while practicing taekwondo? Many players know you as a Muay Thai fighter, but I wonder how much you learned Taekwondo.
“I trained for a very, very long time. I started learning kickboxing when I was little, and the same coach taught me Taekwondo as well. He always pushed us hard. Having someone learn a different kind of martial art is good for growth. I enjoy it the most. One of the martial arts sports that I watch in the studio is Taekwondo. These days, I watch the Olympics and various international competitions. But I stopped training Taekwondo when I started my career as a professional kickboxer.”

– Do you have any memories that come to mind when you think of Taekwondo?
“Yes. I have many special memories. When I was young, I was impressed by the Brazilian champion in Taekwondo. The promotion test was also really fun. I really liked it. As I said, Taekwondo is the sport I enjoy the most these days.”

-Is there a special secret to KO with a spinning kick? or your own setup.
“I think I hit better because I really believe that this kick will work. Most people don’t believe in it, so they get scared and don’t kick it. “I’m afraid of what’s going to happen. But I don’t believe it. That’s the point. Don’t be afraid, just kick it. Everyone knows that if you hit this kick, it’s over.”

-You made several famous scenes. Personally, I was impressed when I defeated Shane Burgos by KO. At that time, why did Burgos get punched and after a while he collapsed?
“Honestly, I don’t know. I had a conversation with Burgos and he said he felt like something was pulling him to the floor. It was a really thrilling moment. As you said, it’s my highlight.”

-Benil Dariusz moves closer to a lightweight title challenge. Does Dariusz, your win, make you want to go back to lightweight?
“You never know what lies ahead. I’m still in great shape at featherweight, but the door is open. You’ll see me, but I love to fight. If the UFC offers a lightweight fight, why wouldn’t I fight? I can go to welterweight because I like to fight. Welterweight Whether it’s lightweight or featherweight, I’m always ready.”

– You must have managed your usual diet after coming down to featherweight, isn’t it difficult? It seems there are a lot of restraints.
“Yes, I have to put up with food and alcohol. When I was working at lightweight, my usual weight was between 175 and 185 pounds. Now I’m down and I’m between 165 and 175. I’ve cut down on carbs and salt. But that’s okay. It can’t be too bad. I always eat healthy food. I never eat anything random, even for a single day. I’ve never been on a drastic diet in my life. As you can see from my social media, I always stay in shape. Always ready to fight. It has become. The secret is always to live a healthy life.”

-Billy Quarantillo has a knack for mud fighting. I’d rather wrestle you than fight you. What strategies have you prepared?
“I’m ready. My game plan is to get into the octagon and put on a show. It’s always the same. I’ve been in the UFC for a long time, but nothing has changed. I’m going into the octagon and knocking out my opponent. Quarantillo is a tough fighter and I’m going to give my best.” “It’s going to be a great game.”

-Many rankers want to face Chansung Jeong. If you win this match, you will have a chance to challenge a higher ranker, but is it a matchup that you also want to face Chansung Jeong?
“I don’t know if he will call out Chan Sung Jung, but I hope the UFC will give me a fight offer with Chan Sung Jung. He is one of the best fighters. I want the best fighter in the UFC. I always want to test myself against the best fighter in the world. Chan Sung Jung is also the best. If you want, it will be a great pleasure to fight him.”

– If you look at your usual appearance, you are very homely. He is a cold-hearted killer in the Octagon, but at home he is like a warm husband and father. What does family mean to you?
“Most people would only see me fighting, but the most important thing to me is being a good father, a good husband, and a good son to my parents. That’s the most important thing of all. My parents look at me and say, ‘Wow, my son really is. The most important thing is to make him feel like, ‘He’s a good guy.’ Family is more important than anything. Of course, I love my job, but I work here and make sacrifices to do the best for my family. My wife, kids, and mother. I find the meaning of life by seeing you happy.”

-How do you want Korean fans to remember a fighter named ‘Edson Barboza’?
“I want to be remembered as the most creative MMA fighter in history. Like I said, I knocked out a lot of ways: low kicks, body kicks, high kicks, punches, body shots, etc. I believe I am the most creative striker in MMA.”

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