“The theme is competition”… ‘Including rookie Kim Seo-hyun’ Hanwha, US-Japan spring camp held

The Hanwha Eagles will start spring camp for the 2023 season in Mesa, Arizona, USA from the 1st of next month. It is an overseas spring camp that resumes after 3 years since 2020 due to Corona 19.

After completing the first training camp at Mesa Bellbank Park until the 24th of next month, the Hanwha team will move to Okinawa, Japan, and will hold the second camp in practice mode with domestic teams from the 27th to March 9th. plan.

The size of the 1st U.S. camp is 15 coaching staff including head coach Subero and head coach Lee Dae-jin, and there are a total of 57 players, including 22 pitchers, 4 catchers, and 16 fielders. The Hanwha squad will depart on the 29th.

Three foreign players, Birch Smith, Felix Pena, and Brian O’Grady, will join the camp from the locals and start the camp on the 1st of next month. 온라인바카라

In the first camp, which runs until the 24th of next month, a training-oriented schedule is in progress. Practice matches are scheduled for three evaluation matches against the WBC Netherlands national team on the 19th and 21st and 22nd.

Afterwards, the second camp will be held in Okinawa, Japan from the 27th of next month.

Hanwha will hold six practice games with domestic teams such as Lotte, KIA, Samsung, and SSG who are setting up camp in Okinawa during this time, and will return to Incheon International Airport on March 9.

In particular, the team is being reorganized after the first camp and plans to replace players between Futures spring camps, so goodwill competition to occupy the entry at this spring camp is expected to be fierce.

Hanwha general manager Sohn Hyuk said, “Since it is a spring camp that will determine the success or failure of a season, the club has made every effort to create a camp environment where the players can focus only on training.” It will be a ‘competition’. I expect our players to show concentration so that they can successfully finish the camp and occupy the opening entry.”

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