The right to advance to the Champions League, the goal of winning the EPL… Lee Kang-in can become ‘Man Utd Park Ji-sung’

 The Premier League team approaches Lee Kang-in (21, Mallorca). Judging by local reports, Aston Villa and Newcastle United are of interest. Newcastle United is of greater interest than Aston Villa, and an attractive option if a buyout is triggered.

According to the Spanish daily newspaper ‘Marca’, etc., the official proposal delivered to Mallorca is still pending. However, several Premier League teams were the first in Asia to receive the Golden Award for the FIFA Under-20 (U-20) World Cup and played an active part in the Primera Liga.

Whether there is a buyout of 17 million euros (approximately 22.7 billion won) is also a key factor, but Newcastle United is more interested than Aston Villa. According to local reports, Aston Villa is trying to spend 15 million euros on the transfer fee, while Newcastle United has set 17 million euros.

If there is a buyout, the intention is to pay the buyout and conduct personal negotiations with Lee Kang-in. England’s ‘The Hard Tackle’ said: “If he joins Newcastle United, he will be a very useful player. There is no doubt about it. He will add sophistication and creativity in the final third. He is likely to sign for 17 million euros already.” He strongly recommended recruitment.

Newcastle United was acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF) in October last year. In the beginning, the PIF had two breakdowns due to overlapping concerns that Saudi Arabia’s human rights issues and direct involvement in the club’s operation overlapped. Despite opposition from Premier League clubs, he eventually succeeded in taking over Newcastle United. 안전놀이터

Upon taking over Newcastle United, the PIF declared, “Our ambitions are aligned with Newcastle fans: to build a successful team and move on to a team that competes for major trophies.”

At the time of the acquisition, the performance fell, but it is cruising under the steady reinforcement of power and coach Eddie Howe. In 18 matches in the Premier League, he recorded only one loss. Arsenal (14 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss) is the only team that has recorded only one loss in the current Premier League.

They are only four points behind second-placed Manchester City. They are competing fiercely with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, but are undefeated in 13 matches. Even in the head-to-head match against No. 1 competitor Arsenal, they drew 1 point. It is also in the right to advance to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League while bringing in points.

As Newcastle United declared “the championship competition,” it could become a bigger team if Lee Kang-in joins. You can tell by looking at Manchester City peaking under Pep Guardiola after a gradual investment.

When Ji-Sung Park opened the door to the Premier League, Manchester United were always contenders for the championship and were looking to conquer Europe. Newcastle United is also possible if it is the current flow. Of course, the Premier League is tougher than in the early 2000s, but he can win trophies by playing with a more core than Ji-Sung Park in his Manchester United days.

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