“The person who loved football more than anyone else” Choi Soon-ho’s ‘dark’ tears in memory of Honorary Chairman Park Tae-joon

 Choi Soon-ho, the head of Suwon FC, shed tears as he remembered the late POSCO Honorary Chairman Park Tae-joon.

General Manager Choi was selected as a first-generation player category at the induction ceremony for the K-League Hall of Fame held at the Ambassador Pullman Grand Ballroom in Jangchung-dong, Seoul on the 2nd, and went on stage as a recommendation from Honorary Chairman Park, who was selected for contributors.

Honorary Chairman Park is a person who has devoted himself in many ways to Korean soccer, including the establishment of the Pohang Steelworks Football Team (now Pohang Steelers) in 먹튀검증 1973, the establishment of Pohang Steelyard, the first soccer stadium in Korea in 1990, and the founding of Jeonnam Dragons in 1994. He passed away in 2011 from a chronic illness.

Director Choi said, “The first time I met Honorary Chairman Park was in the spring of my senior year of high school. He told me to become a bigger person, and I still can’t forget it.” He said, “We have achieved numerous ‘firsts’ in Korean soccer, such as clubhouses and soccer-specific stadiums. It has become a legacy of the K-League and Korean soccer. When I have good things in my life, or when I have troubles or hard times, I often visit the National Cemetery where the president is located.”

He recalled honorary chairman Park, saying, “He had an insight to see the future.” At the same time, he said, “Many people emphasized the system when they were chasing achievements in front of them. Within that system, the K-League developed. He was not afraid of the first try and loved football more than anyone else.”

Ahead of the inauguration ceremony, Ahn Gi-heon, former executive director of the Korea Football Association, who is a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee, and Hwang Jong-hyun, former general manager of Pohang, met with Jang Ok-ja, wife of honorary chairman Park, and explained the purpose.

On that day, Park’s son, Park Seong-bin, took the place of honorary chairman Park and received the award by proxy. Mr. Park said, “It has been 12 years since (my father) passed away, and I am grateful for making it such a memory. He really liked soccer. “Soccer made special memories from my childhood,” he said. “Without fail, children kick a ball and run in the field. On weekends, he wears the uniform of a local professional team and heads to the exclusive stadium. Experience small but great happiness. I think this is the future of Korean soccer that my father thought. He also said that he would be even more proud of being with the Pohang family, including Lee Dong-guk, Hong Myung-bo and Choi Soon-ho.”

On the other hand, Choi Soon-ho, who was selected as a first-generation player, played for Pohang Steelworks and Lucky Goldstar from 1983 to 1991, playing 100 games in total, recording 23 goals and 19 assists. He was named in the best 11 in 1984 and led Pohang Steel to the championship in 1986. “I remember vividly about 40 years ago. He reminds me of the seniors and juniors and colleagues he was with at the time. He chose soccer as my profession and I made a living out of it in many places. He said, “I am grateful to my parents and wife for watching over my football life for over 50 years.”

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