The older brother who surprised me… KCC’s elite members were also surprised by Yonsei University’s potential, victory at the end of a close battle

The ‘younger’ Yonsei University surprised the ‘older brother’ KCC.

Jeonju KCC won 91-76 in a practice game against Yonsei University at the KCC Practice Gymnasium located in Mabuk-ri, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. It was a game in which all D-League players were excluded and played as elite members, but Yonsei University’s will was not easily broken.

This practice match was prepared for Calvin Epistola, who newly joined KCC. It was held twice on the 17th and 18th, and KCC won both. However, Yonsei University showed fighting spirit throughout the game and made the professional players sweat.

Even until the first half, KCC was attracted to Yonsei University. The first quarter ended with a 20-19, 1-point lead, but it failed to attack Yonsei University’s 3-2 regional defense, which was led by Lee Chae-hyung, Lee Min-seo, and Lee Ju-young, and gave up the initiative. Ronde Hollis Jefferson’s mistake and poor concentration were regrettable, and all players were embarrassed by Yonsei’s regional defense. KCC was pushed back 38-50 in the first half.

But a pro was a pro. Heo Woong, who was used from the second half, taught his younger brothers a lesson even though he was not in normal condition because he had a feeling of body aches after the All-Star Game. Lee Seung-hyun also gave basketball lectures to a number of Yonsei University big men taller than 200 cm. Laguna, who was sensitive to judgment throughout the first half, regained her appearance in the second half.

Yonsei University fought well, but was pushed back by KCC’s experience. In particular, KCC produced a large number of easy points through a transition game after successful defense, defeating Yonsei University, who showed a willingness to pursue until the end. It was so close that it was a one-possession game until about 3 minutes into the 4th quarter. And in the last two minutes, KCC’s transition game widened the gap and ended. 토토사이트

It was not a game where KCC gave 100% of its strength, but Yonsei University’s power that harassed them was certainly amazing. However, KCC did not lose its professional appearance while maintaining stable performance throughout the 40 minutes. It was a match that confirmed Yonsei University’s spirit and made it possible to feel that the professional’s wall was high.

KCC was able to improve its performance before entering the second half, and Yonsei University also gained great experience ahead of the 2023 season and was able to finish this practice game in a win-win.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, who watched the game, said, “It was a game to check Epistola’s performance, and I think we need to watch it a little longer.” “He is a player who has not played basketball for a long time. It is said that he took about half a year off. He may play within this season, but he has to make it slowly,” he looked at.

After two practice games before the second half, Epistola said, “I tried to use my teammates as much as possible rather than attacking myself. I haven’t figured out the players’ styles yet. It takes time to adjust. Watching the passion the players showed on the court, I made a resolution to run with this mindset when I got a chance to play.”

Lee Ju-young, who gained valuable experience competing against professional teams as a freshman at Yonsei University, said, “I am happy to have the valuable experience of playing against professional first-team players. Yesterday and today, I was ahead until the first half, but I was greatly pushed back in the second half. Basketball didn’t turn out as well as I thought, but I’ll try to remember my experience well and help prepare for the season.”

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