The greatest misjudgment and hidden chairman in the history of football

It takes only a moment for a tower of hard work to collapse.

The football world is buzzing. This is because of a series of controversies that began when the Korea Football Association (KFA) convened a board meeting ahead of Uruguay’s evaluation match on the 28th of last month and announced amnesty for 100 soccer players who were disciplined for various misconduct.바카라

As it became known that among them, 48 players who were expelled for match-fixing in the K-League in 2011 were included, the association faced fierce criticism. The reason the association put forward was “congratulations on advancing to the 10th World Cup in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup, and reflecting the opinions of the frontlines who proposed an amnesty for harmony and a new start in the soccer world” was tantamount to lighting a fire. This is because it was an irrational decision to erase serious crimes.

The association withdrew the measure after three days, but angry public opinion did not subside, and it led to the collective resignation of the association’s vice president and all board members on the 4th. It was not the end. In the thread, the reason for the punishment of the remaining 52 people, which was not initially disclosed by the association, was revealed.The content was shocking, including financial corruption, violence, and cheating on practical tests, including high-level punishments such as expulsion or indefinite suspension of qualifications.

It is the biggest misjudgment of the association and a shame that will remain in Korean football. In this situation, Chung Mong-gyu, president of the association, is quiet. At the time of the withdrawal of the amnesty, he appeared on the official stage and said, “I kept receiving suggestions from front-line footballers about how to be tolerant now. As a result, the judgment was inconsiderate. I couldn’t fully understand the tremendous shock and emotional scars that footballers and fans suffered from the match-fixing incident.” No questions were asked. Despite the ensuing controversy, it is still silent.

According to Article 24 (Amnesty) of the Fairness Committee Regulations of the Association, ‘the right to amnesty is the inherent authority of the president of the Korea Football Association, and it is implemented through the resolution of the Association’s board of directors. and it is specified This is why Chairman Chung, who has ‘inherited authority’, cannot be free from responsibility for this situation just because he is silent.

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