The Football Association clarifies the pardon for match fixing… “Even if I am pardoned, I can’t coach or play”

 The Korea Football Association issued a clarification as the controversy amplified by pardoning a large number of match-fixing participants.

On the 29th, the Football Association said in an article titled ‘Regarding the decision to pardon footballers of the Korea Football Association’s board of directors’, “Requests for mitigation of disciplinary actions have been made by soccer players for the past several years.” The purpose is to give those subject to disciplinary action a chance to recover after sufficient self-reflection.” 바카라

“Among those subject to pardon, 48 participants in match-fixing have long since received penalties such as fines, suspended sentences, and imprisonment for 1 to 2 years,” he said. The degree of involvement was relatively weak, so we proposed a mitigation of disciplinary action to the association, but the association’s board of directors refused to ratify it.”

At the same time, the Korea Football Association said, “After long consideration, it was determined that they had already been punished by the state and had been disciplined for a long time and had a lot of reflection.” It is virtually difficult to return to the football field as a player and coach, but I hope you understand the decision to give them another chance to contribute to the development of Korean football.”

The Football Association also emphasized that “it is virtually impossible for those subject to pardon to act as leaders, referees, and player managers.”

In response to the criticism that the Football Association decided to amnesty in a surprise decision at a time when soccer fans were paying attention to Uruguay, “In the meantime, when A matches are held in Seoul and the metropolitan area every year, the board of directors has held several board meetings at the stadium.” In order to deliver the facts as quickly as possible while the board of directors had already decided, the distribution was made right after the board meeting, and in this process, we hope you understand that it was inevitably delivered before the start of the game against Uruguay.”

He said that he could not disclose the full list of those subject to pardon. The association said, “When announcing the results of the Fair Committee, the list of persons subject to disciplinary action is not disclosed to the public.” It has potential,” he explained.

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