The birth of a new champion, the nation’s strongest high school student who won 30 million won

The champion of ‘Bang and Hook’, who determines the strongest among high school students from all over the country, was born.

On the 12th, the final episode of ‘Bang and Hook’, a high school fighting audition program produced by Road FC and IHQ, was released on Road FC’s official YouTube channel.

Han Woon-seong (18, Asan Kingdom MMA) and Jin Seong-hun (19, Team Strongwolf), who survived the competition in the skill test, team competition, and semi-finals, faced each other in the final.

Han Woon-seong and Jin Seong-hoon did their best as the winner of ‘Bang and Hook’ was given a 30 million won fighting scholarship and a chance to debut as a Road FC pro.

The two fighters exchanged blows and kept each other in check. At the moment when they were tense, Han Woon-seong succeeded in a takedown and took control of the atmosphere. Han Woon-seong, who led the game with a dominant appearance on the ground, won the match by unanimous decision by the judges.

Han Woon-seong had the experience of losing to Jin Seong-hun in the team match, so the victory was all the more valuable. Han Woon-seong, who became the ‘Bang and Hook’ champion, couldn’t hide his tears of joy.

“I think it worked out so well that I was lucky to come up well (up to the final), but preparing for the final stage was very difficult mentally and physically. However, I think I achieved good results as much as I worked hard,” said Han Woon-seong, expressing his feelings about winning.토스카지노

Lee Seung-ryong, director of Asan Kingdom MMA, trained Han Woon-seong for about six years. Director Lee Seung-ryong expressed his joy as we have grown together.

Director Lee Seung-ryong said, “(Woon-seong) trained together since he was in elementary school. So still, socially, it seems to be the heart of a father who has seen everything grow. If he becomes a bigger and brighter player in the future, he will be very honored as the father of the dojang.”

Jin Seong-hoon, who won runner-up, was defeated, but showed a strong appearance and took a picture of the eyes of the martial arts fans. It is the time when Han Woo-sung and Jin Seong-hun’s future activities are expected. /

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