‘Spenalty shootout’ Chosun-Goryeo-Kwangwoon-Kyonggi University laughed

After the penalty shoot-out, Joseon, Goryeo, Kwangwoon, and Kyonggi University laughed.

On the 21st, the 59th Spring Collegiate Football Federation’s Hansan Daecheopgi and Tongyeonggi quarterfinals were held in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do. A fierce confrontation unfolded. In the Battle of Hansan, two of the four matches were penalized. Chosun University had a 0-0 draw with Andong University of Science, but won 5-4 in a penalty shootout. Korea University also couldn’t decide the win or loss with Yongin University 2-2. We won 4-2 in the penalty shootout. 먹튀검증

In Tongyeong, the winner was divided after a penalty shoot-out. Kwangwoon University and Dongguk University could not cover their superiority with a 1:1 score. In the penalty shootout, Kwangwoon University laughed 5-4. Kyonggi University also had a tight 3-3 score with Daegu Arts University. They narrowly won 6-5 in the penalty shootout.

The semi-finals will be held on the 23rd. In the Battle of Hansan, Joseon-Dankook and Jeju International-Korea University compete for tickets to the finals. In Tongyeonggi, Kwangwoon-Hannam and Yonsei-Kyonggi University clash each other.

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