Song Eun-beom The end of the negotiations is in sight… LG “I will give you an answer with a step forward”

The possibility of a dramatic reversal opened up.

Song Eun-beom, the only non-contractor with LG, made a step forward in renegotiation with LG.

Due to the breakdown of negotiations, a press release was even released on the 3rd.

However, LG was still not giving up on Song Eun-beom. After an unusual press release, renegotiations began.

The LG Twins have completed contracts with 44 out of 45 contract renewal targets in 2023.

Ko Woo-seok signed a contract for 430 million won, an increase of 160 million won (59.3% increase) from 270 million won in annual salary, and recorded the highest annual salary (excluding FA players) in the team.

Moon Bo-kyung signed a contract for 170 million won, an increase of 150% from 68 million won to 102 million won (a 150% increase), recording the highest salary increase in the team and entering the first billion won salary in his career.

In addition, Kim Yun-sik (150 million), Lee Min-ho (140 million), and Lee Woo-chan (120 million) also recorded their first annual salary of 100 million won.

However, it was not possible to reach a contract with Song Eun-beom, who played an active role as a key bullpen pitcher. This is because the disagreement has not been narrowed down in details.

But overnight, the atmosphere changed. After the press release was published on the 3rd, LG contacted Song Eun-beom and asked them to meet again, and renegotiations began immediately.

Song Eun-beom only appeared in 25 games last year. 먹튀검증

He went 1-1 with 2 holds and an earned run average of 4.05. Based on his record alone, he could be subject to cuts. Because the number of matches was too small.

Song Eun-beom has played a key role in the LG bullpen for the past three years.

He pitched long innings when he needed long relief, and even when he needed to deal with a loss, he silently climbed the mound and did his part.

The results revealed were not very outstanding, but the contribution to the team was by no means small.

The two sides continued difficult negotiations, showing differing views on the team’s contribution.

However, there was hope for a contract. This is because LG and Song Eun-beom made an advanced plan in the renegotiation.

The working-level staff at LG negotiations said, “We will discuss with the upper management with an advanced plan. After the discussion, I will inform you of the results tomorrow (the 4th) at the earliest.”

It is unusual for renegotiations to take place immediately after a press release about the breakdown of negotiations was published. It is because the fact that the press release broke down means that negotiations are difficult.

Conversely, the fact that the negotiations took place immediately after the press release indicates that both sides have a strong will to reach an agreement.

LG still needs Song Eun-beom’s presence. His know-how accumulated through his rich experience in the bullpen is desperately needed.

Core bullpen resources such as Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok are highly likely to participate as national teams in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Asian Games, and APBC.

It is a situation where they absolutely need a bullpen resource to fill their fatigue and void. This is why LG is working hard on the Song Eun-beom contract. Although the agreement has not yet been reached, it can be said that the possibility of reaching an agreement has increased as conditions have improved compared to before.

Can LG’s changed proposal shake Song Eun-beom’s heart? Also, can the proposal move the hearts of high-ranking LG officials?

The salary negotiations of Song Eun-beom, which seemed to have no end in sight, are slowly starting to open up.

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