Shortstop in 2039 days. But you’re doing well… The crisis of Oh Ji-hwan’s departure is an opportunity for the super backup ahead of free agency. “So that it won’t be for a while…”

 Truly a lightning strike. A great crisis has come. But the super backup veteran made the crisis invisible.

LG Twins veteran infielder Kim Min-seong has emerged as a savior. Oh Ji-hwan, LG’s main shortstop, was unable to play for at least two weeks due to microscopic damage to his side muscle, so he suddenly took the role of shortstop.

Oh Ji-hwan, who played the role of a pillar of the team with good defense and batting while playing the full season without injury, did not take it seriously even though his side was uncomfortable during the training for the Kiwoom Heroes match on the 6th. While doing so, I felt discomfort in the same area again, and eventually went to the hospital for a detailed examination and heard the sad news.먹튀검증

The problem was that there was no shortstop to replace Oh Ji-hwan. LG put Oh Ji-Hwan as the starting shortstop and put Son Ho-Young behind him. And behind him was Kim Joo-sung.

The problem is that both Son Ho-young and Kim Joo-sung are currently out with injuries. In the end, a replacement shortstop is needed until one out of three players return.

The first replacement shortstop was Kim Min-seong. Kim Min-seong played as a shortstop in the game on the 7th.

Kim Min-sung’s main position is third base. He was a shortstop when he joined Lotte in 2007, and he went out as a shortstop for a while, but after moving to Nexen Heroes in 2010, he played mostly as a third baseman. At the time, Nexen had Jung-Ho Kang, and after Jung-Ho Kang left for the United States, Ha-Sung Kim was the main shortstop, so Kim Min-Sung rarely played shortstop.

Since moving to LG in 2019, he has never played shortstop. Because Oh Ji-hwan was there.

Kim Min-seong’s starting shortstop was against Suwon KT Wiz on September 6, 2017, during the Nexen days. It has been almost 5 years and 7 months since Kim Min-seong took the role of shortstop.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “(Kim) Min-seong played shortstop in high school and early professional days, and he has an excellent defensive sense, so it won’t be bad.”

Fortunately, Kim Min-seong has been practicing as a shortstop since the siber game, just in case. Maybe that’s why he didn’t feel awkward playing shortstop.

Kim Min-sung did not get difficult hits, and Kim Min-seong handled the balls well with a sense of stability. At the beginning of the first inning, he stably caught Pirella’s ball number 3 and threw it to the first base, and in the top of the fifth inning, he ran forward and caught the powerless ball of number 6 Kim Tae-goon, threw it to first base, and threw it out. Even at the top of the 7th inning, he caught the lead Pirella’s assault ball well by hitting the bound. He also caught two infield flies well.

Although we cannot expect a wide range of defense like Oh Ji-Hwan, we can say that he has succeeded in eliminating concerns by handling the balls he can catch.

Kim Min-seong said, “If I play in a defensive position rather than my main position, I want the ball to come to me as soon as possible. This is because I can relieve my tension quickly. Fortunately, a ball that was not difficult came and I was able to finish well.” I don’t have a chance, so I’m going to try to do what I can do within my abilities by bumping into it rather than falling into it because it’s awkward.”

In the bottom of the 1st inning, he had a lucky 2 RBI hit, showing a good appearance in hitting with 1 hit, 1 walk and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats. Kim Min-seong, who was expected to play as a substitute mainly as a defense agent, will be able to start for the time being. It’s definitely an opportunity for him. Kim Min-seong said, “I will work hard so that it doesn’t happen for a while.”

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