Shin Ji-hyun and Lee So-hee melted into the atmosphere of the All-Star Game “We are preparing for the ceremony” 

All the pre-events are over, and now only the main stage, the All-Star Game, remains. While Pink Star and Blue Star captains Shin Ji-hyeon (Hanawon Q) and Lee So-hee (BNK) said they would enjoy the atmosphere of the All-Star Game, they did not hide their greed for victory.

After the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Festival Day 1 W-Festival held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 7th, Shin Ji-hyun and Lee So-hee met and laughed about the All-Star game. Shin Ji-hyun said, “We selected the members ourselves this time, but in fact, that was the argument,” and “I want to score a lot aggressively.” Lee So-hee also said, “We seem to have added age and youth. So I want to show a lot of fun basketball to match it.”

In the all-star vote that ended on December 26 last year, Shin Ji-hyun set a record of second place with 32,971 votes, and at the same time, beat Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank)’s challenge to win seven consecutive wins in the all-star vote and rose to first place for the first time. Lee So-hee also finished second in the all-star fan vote, beating Kang I-seul (KB), who got 29,211 votes with 29,333 votes, by a margin of 122 votes. 토토

The team selection, held one day after the voting deadline, was carried out in a way that Pink Star captain Shin Ji-hyun and Blue Star captain Lee So-hee drafted one player each. Shin Ji-hyun formed a team with Isul Kang, Dan-bi Kim, Ji-hyun Park (Woori Bank), Sonia Kim, Kyung-eun Lee, Chae-jin Han (above Shinhan Bank), Ye-rim Jeong (Hanawon Q), Yu-rim Kang (Samsung Life Insurance), and Hye-ji Ahn (BNK). , Lee Hae-ran (Samsung Life Insurance), Jinan, Kim Han-byeol (BNK), Yoo Seung-hee, Kim Jin-young (Shinhan Bank), Huh Ye-eun (KB), Kim Ji-young (Hanawon Q), and Park Hye-jin (Woori Bank).

When asked, “Who do you think will win?”, the two each showed a little bit of greed for victory. Shin Ji-hyun said, “Actually, I don’t know because it’s an event match and a ceremony, but I want to win.” Lee So-hee also said, “It’s not a game where winning or losing is important, but I still want to win because it’s good to win. And I want to do a lot of ceremonies,” he emphasized.

The All-Star Game often attracts attention with creative ceremonies by the players. Both of them are paying attention to this part. Shin Ji-hyun said, “I’m just looking for it while watching NBA YouTube,” and Lee So-hee also didn’t back down, saying, “I have something in mind while playing the regular league.”

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