Scout’s question “Kim Hye-sung is an ML-level player, the KBO league just doesn’t recognize him”

After the MK Sports article about Kiwoom Kim Hee-seong’s possibility of advancing to the major leagues came out, there was a mixed reaction.

Various opinions were presented, from “Kim Hee-seong is not a player suitable for the major leagues” to support that “he can work well enough”.

Is Kim Hye-sung a player fit for the major leagues?

The bottom line is nobody knows. However, it seems necessary to pay more attention to the opinions of major league scouts who have accumulated data by personally seeing and checking Kim Hee-seong.

I decorated it in a question-and-answer format about why the major leagues were interested in Kim Hee-seong. The answer to Kim Hye-sung is a summary of what multiple major league scouts said.

-Kim Hye-seong has a very weak pow tool. Can she make it in the major leagues?

△ Not all players in the major leagues have to hit long shots. If you hit a long hit, of course, it becomes a big power. But that shouldn’t be all. Kim Hye-sung is paying attention to his contact ability. He thinks he’s a player who can produce more hits.

– He is not a player with a clear defensive position.

△ He won the Golden Glove as a shortstop last year and the Golden Glove as a second baseman this season. What more explanation do you need? Rather, there is a tendency to underestimate Kim Hye-sung’s defensive ability in Korea. It is never easy to change positions every year and receive the Golden Glove. Hyesung Kim has done an amazing job. Both positions can play above-average defense. It is also a valuable resource in the major leagues.

-Your dependence on foot baseball is gradually decreasing. 안전놀이터

△ It is true that Major League Baseball does not pay much attention to stolen bases. However, the importance of playing baseball is considered important by any club. Whether you go one more base with the same batted ball or stop has a great effect on the outcome of baseball. It is not an exaggeration to say that Kim Hye-seong is the fastest KBO league player I have ever seen. He is a player who can go one more base in close combat situations. He’s a player the major leagues should pay attention to.

-There are even rumors of an outfield battle.

△ In some cases, the position may change again. As he has quick feet and has a good baseball sense, he is expected to be able to defend the outfield well enough.

– He is a batter who has not yet shown much in his batting practice.

△We are well aware that we cannot take Kim Hye-sung with us right away. However, Kim Hye-seong is a player who is constantly growing. His batting stats are also gradually improving. He is a player with abilities coveted by major league clubs. He is more jung hwa than anyone and faster than any player. He is a player who has enough talent to work in the major leagues.