Samsung’s new annual salary system → advance into PO, Lotte’s performance option → advance into fall baseball?

On the 30th, Lotte disclosed the details of the salary negotiations for the 2023 season.

What stands out in this annual salary is the ‘performance option contract’. Lotte said, “We presented key players with performance option contracts that can strengthen their motivation.”

It is a structure in which players can receive more annual salary when they achieve the grade option. Infielders Han Dong-hee and Lee Hak-joo chose this method of setting annual salaries.

Han Dong-hee, who received an annual salary of 172 million won last year, has a guaranteed annual salary of 192.6 million won for the 2023 season, an increase of only 12%. Instead, if you achieve all of the sexual options, you can receive up to 266.8 million won. Although the contents of the option were not disclosed, it is known that it was set by batting figures such as at-bats and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage).

Lee Hak-joo’s guaranteed annual salary is only 72 million won, but if all options are filled, it goes up to 96 million won.

This is where Lotte’s aspirations for the next season’s performance stand out.

Previously, Samsung has created a successful case by setting the annual salary in a way that the player chooses the option himself.

Samsung introduced a new salary system called the’New Type Incentive System’ while signing an annual salary contract for the 2021 season.

In the salary decision process, based on the ‘standard salary’ agreed through negotiations, players can choose one of the ‘basic type’, ‘target type’ and ‘challenge type’.

If you choose the basic type, you will receive the standard annual salary agreed upon based on the evaluation system, and there is no separate incentive. Players who choose the target type start with an amount that is 10% lower than the standard annual salary, and if their performance is good thereafter, they can receive several times more of the deducted amount. In the case of the challenge type, the player starts with an amount that is 20% lower than the standard annual salary, and after that, if they perform well, they can receive several times more of the 20% that was also deducted. At that time, out of 28 players who were subject to salary negotiations, 7 chose the target type and 6 chose the challenge type.

Samsung fought for the lead until the end of the season to the extent that it played a match for first place in the regular season with KT that year. He won a direct ticket to the playoffs and succeeded in advancing to fall baseball for the first time in six years. Even within the team, it was said that the annual salary system played a role in leading to such a result. 안전놀이터

Samsung did not stop here and introduced this annual salary system to the coaching staff. Manager Park Jin-man, who took the baton as a full-time coach from the 2023 season, signed a contract for up to 1.2 billion won for three years, including a down payment of 300 million won, an annual salary of 250 million won, and an annual option of 50 million won. Unusually, an option was included in the contents of the director’s contract, but this was also to give ‘motivation’.

It’s not just Director Park. The same annual salary system was applied to the coaching staff to create a synergistic effect and strengthened the will to achieve good results in the next season.

Only two people have chosen the new annual salary system at Lotte, but they are the main resources expected to be active.

Han Dong-hee, who is called ‘Lee Dae-ho’s successor’, now has to keep the center line without Lee Dae-ho.

Lee Hak-joo, who was traded to Lotte in January of last year and raised expectations, only recorded a batting average of 0.207 in 91 games due to injuries and sluggishness in the 2022 season. During the off-season, his position narrowed as Noh Jin-hyuk joined Lotte by recruiting a free agent (FA) from outside. It has to come back again this season.

Lotte has failed to advance to the postseason for five consecutive years since 2017. Attention is focusing on whether new attempts this winter will lead to aspirations for fall baseball.

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