“Round-trip transportation → to see off the team on the way home from work” KB Insurance, a special gift for enthusiastic away fans

 KB Insurance has prepared a special gift for away fans who don’t mind visiting the enemy.

KB Insurance played Hyundai Capital in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 season V-League held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium on the 12th.

On this day, the club received stories from fans who joined KB Stars membership, selected four people, and provided the ‘away game escort’ service. It is a dream-like day that includes round-trip transportation to the away match site, meals at restaurants near the stadium, admission tickets, cheering supplies, welcoming the athletes on their way to work, taking pictures, and seeing them off on the way home from work. 안전놀이터

They are passionate fans who are familiar with the eyes of the players as well as the reporters. They are also the ones who intuited the 8th consecutive escape game of KB Insurance, which is having a difficult season since the student. This is the reason why ‘December 13 Daejeon’ appeared without fail as the most impressive intuition experience this season.

“I watched all but one game this season. Volleyball is the 0th priority in life, KB is the vitamin of life,” while some fans say, “I made friends in the field while playing away games.” There are fans who have been supporting KB Insurance for 6 years. Even if the away fan is alone, they say that they support KB Insurance. At this point, it’s more a sense of mission than love.

These fans arrived at the scene around 4:30 pm prior to the match and exchanged greetings with the players for the first time. After the meal provided by the club, they cheered passionately, not losing to Cheonan’s cheers.

KB Insurance side took pictures with the players and safely guided the fans to the vicinity of their residence that day.

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