Richardson wins the Women’s 100m at the Doha Diamond League

Shacari Richardson (23, USA) set the world record for the women’s 100m this season in 10 seconds 76, and rose to the top of the opening game of the 2023 World Association of Athletics Federations Diamond League.

Richardson was the first to cross the finish line in 10.76 seconds in the women’s 100m final of the Doha Diamond League held at Bin Hamad Stadium in Suhaim, Doha, Qatar on the 6th (Korean time).

She was as gorgeous as her appearance.

Richardson, who had a rather slow start, gradually increased her speed, and she took the lead from the 70m mark to win.

Sherika Jackson (Jamaica), who had held the record for first place in the 2023 season (10.82 seconds) until this day, took second place with 10.85 seconds, and Dina Asher-Smith (UK) took third place with 10.98 seconds.

Richardson didn’t break her personal best (10.72), but she did change her Doha Diamond League record.

Her previous record was 10.80, set in 2016 by Tori Bowie (USA), who passed away recently.

Richardson, who shouted his name ‘Sharkary’ after the race, said in an interview with the organizers of the event, “I feel at peace now. I did my best in what I did and produced the best results.” “I have never been kicked out on the track. Yes, so I had to do my best for peace, love and life.”

On April 11, 2021, Richardson drew attention by setting a personal best of 10.72 seconds in the women’s 100 m at the Miramar Invitational.

He showed off his charm with his flashy appearance and explosive speed, changing his hair color and artificial nails every race.

American athletics, which had been pushed back by Jamaica for a long time in the short distance, recalled Florence Griffith Joyner, the women’s 100m world record holder, while watching Richardson, and the British Guardian pointed out Richardson as ‘the most attractive athlete since Usain Bolt’.

Richardson’s momentum waned in June 2021.

On June 20, 2021, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, she won the women’s 100m final at the Tokyo Olympic U.S. track and field team selection event with a time of 10.86 seconds, and seemed to have the right to participate in the Olympics, which the top three players receive.

However, a drug test detected marijuana, and in the end, right before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, his qualifications were stripped of one month.

As his representative selection record was also canceled, he lost the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Richardson confessed, “I received the obituary of her mother (who lived away for a long time) ahead of the U.S. track and field team selection for the Tokyo Olympics.”

Richardson’s use of marijuana has caused a social debate beyond the American track and field community.

Last year, Richardson was shocked by being eliminated in the qualifying round for the Eugene World Championships in Athletics.

At the time, the American media reported Richardson’s elimination in the 100m qualifying round as “breaking news.”

As his expectations for himself turned to disappointment, Richardson showed off his talent again.

Richardson aims to win his first major medal at the World Championships in Budapest this August.

In the men’s 200m, the 2022 Eugene World Championship men’s 100m champion Fred Curley (USA) won the championship in 19.92 seconds.

Kenneth Bednarek (USA), who finished second in both the 200m at the Tokyo Olympics and the Eugene World Championships, rose to second place with 20 seconds and 11 seconds.크크크벳

Eugene World Championships 400m gold medalist Michael Norman (USA) was sluggish with a time of 20.65 seconds, finishing in 8th place.

The Tokyo Olympic gold medalists also shone in Doha.

Katie Moon (USA, former Katie Nazeot), gold medalist in the women’s pole vault at the Tokyo Olympics and the Eugene World Championships, reached the top by surpassing 4m81 in her first Diamond League this year.

Pedro Pichardo (Portugal), the Tokyo Olympic and Eugene World Championships champion in the men’s triple jump, also enjoyed his first outdoor event of the season by winning with 17m91.

Niraj Chopra (India), who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics and the silver medal at the Eugene World Championships, won the men’s javelin throw with a world record of 88m67 this season.

Jasmine Camacho-Queen (Puerto Rico) also defended her pride as a Tokyo Olympics champion by winning the women’s 100m hurdles in 12.48 seconds.

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