Real Madrid ‘no interest’ in Kane, which club is interested?

It seems that Real Madrid, a prestigious Spanish Primera Liga club that has been steadily connected with Harry Kane (Tottenham), has recently attracted interest in Kane.

England’s ‘thehardtackle’ reported, “Real Madrid are not considering signing Kane. It is very unlikely that Kane will come to Real Madrid. This is because Real Madrid are not making any efforts to sign Kane.”

The media added, “Currently, Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is coming down from his prime. He also has physical problems. Therefore, there will be a situation where he will have to recruit a replacement for Benzema. However, Real Madrid does not see Kane as a replacement.” .

There is a team that really wants Kane. 안전놀이터

The media said, “Kane is Tottenham’s best player and the best player in the Premier League. He spent six years at Tottenham. He is showing good skills this season as well. Tottenham are struggling to win, but Kane is a new player in the summer. “It looks like he’s starting an adventure, and a lot of people have linked him to Real Madrid, but no. There are other teams that really want Kane.”

The team that really wants Kane is Bayern Munich, the strongest team in the German Bundesliga.

The media said, “Kane is Bayern Munich’s target. Munich values ​​Kane very highly. Munich is even checking the direction of the conversation about Kane and Tottenham’s renewal contract. In the next summer transfer window, Bayern Munich is heading towards Kane. start attacking”

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