‘Rating of 10 points-Team of migration’ Emerson… Notice of ‘unexpected’ fierce competition with prisoners

Unexpectedly, the right wingback competition seems to be fierce.

When Pedro came through the winter transfer window, it was judged that he would be an unconditional starting resource. There was a big reason why the predecessors were so bad. There were Emerson Royal, Matt Doherty, and Jed Spence, but none of them played their part. With the arrival of captivity, Doherty ended his contract and went to Atlético Madrid, while Spence went on loan to Stade Rennes. There were many interpretations that he made room for the prisoners.

Right away, from the match against Manchester City, Poro seemed to be playing as a starter. However, Tottenham’s right wingback position was kept by Emerson. Emerson has been playing for Tottenham since last season, but despite many opportunities, he has repeatedly failed and lost trust. His offense, which was evaluated as a strong point, was also regrettable, and his defense fell further short of expectations, suffering criticism every time. Emerson, who was evaluated to be pushed for granted if he was attached to a prisoner, showed unexpected performance against Man City.

He first blocked off Jack Grealish. When Grealish caught the ball, he ran to check it, and when he hit the ball and tried to break through, he tackled him. Emerson blocked it so well that Grealish reacted nervously. While completely controlling Grealish, Manchester City’s left-hand attack seldom revived. It was a look that could not be found in Emerson in the past. He contributed defensively, making 2 tackles, 2 interceptions and 6 clearances. 메이저놀이터

The attack was great too. He showed a good performance in the offense and defense while being involved in development such as 1 key pass, 2 crosses, and 5 open fouls. Head coach Cristian Stellini, who was on the bench in place of coach Antonio Conte, who was out due to surgery to remove cholecystitis, praised Emerson during the post-match press conference, saying, “Emersson played really well today. He was very determined. He proved that he is a good player.” .

England’s ‘Football London’ gave a rating of 10, saying, “Emersson performed appropriately in the air and defense, and was perfect defensively, especially in the speed competition with Grealish. He is a man of the match.” British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ selected Emerson as the EPL team of the week. It was a completely different evaluation from the previous game. As Emerson, who seemed to feel a sense of crisis, changed, the prospect of fierce competition with prisoners began to emerge, contrary to expectations.

It’s a good thing for Tottenham to have a friendly competition going on. It is likely to be helpful to the team as it stimulates both players. It remains to be seen whether the right wingback position, which was called the most uneasy point in the Tottenham squad, will improve in the competition between prisoners and Emerson.

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