‘Prospect report’ Benfica, 850 billion won in 4 years from player sales alone

 Benfica, a prestigious Portuguese football team, once again revealed the face of a ‘merchant’.

On the 1st (Korean time), Benfica announced that it had earned 121 million euros (161.9 billion won) in transfer fees by sending midfielder Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea. Since it is such a huge amount, Chelsea plans to pay 40 million euros upfront and pay the remaining amount in six installments.

It is Benfica that sat on the money cushion. Benfica acquired Enzo Fernandez from River Plate (Argentina) last summer and sold it in just six months, earning a huge amount of money. 온라인바카라

Benfica paid a huge amount of 44.25 million euros (approximately 59.2 billion won) at the time of bringing Enzo, but sold it for 121 million euros and showed a skill to leave a profit of 76.75 million euros (approximately 102.8 billion won).

Benfica’s resourcefulness does not stop there. Benfica earned 80 million euros (approximately 107.1 billion won) by sending striker Darwin Núñez to Liverpool last summer.

In September 2020, Nunez, who had been in Almeria (Spain), was recruited for 34 million euros, but in two years, he doubled the ransom and completed the sale.

Benfica is called the colossus representing European football along with Portugal’s FC Porto and Netherlands’ Ajax.

These clubs have a clear commonality, that Portugal and the Netherlands are leagues with above-average levels, and that they are super strong teams in the league, so they can accumulate championship experience. The points are that

In particular, Benfica is famous for its excellent eye for players, and after paying a large amount of money to recruit them, they explode the player’s potential and sell it for a larger amount to generate huge transfer fee income.

Benfica has earned a whopping 632.56 million euros (approximately 847.9 billion won) in revenue from player sales over the past four years.

Players who left after bringing huge profits to their home team include João Felix (€127.2 million), who set the record for the highest club transfer fee in the 2019-20 season, Raul Jimenez (€38 million) and Ruben Dias (€71.6 million). , and this season Enzo Fernandez and Darwin Núñez.

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