“Preparing for Kim Min-jae’s farewell” Manchester United Cash + Lindelof Offer Consideration → Napoli ‘Give me cash!’

The transfer rumor between Manchester United and Kim Min-jae has been newly updated.

Interest in Kim Min-jae is hot this season. Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, etc., as well as Man Utd aiming to reinforce the center back, were mentioned, and recently even Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who had ‘oil money’ on their backs, participated in the competition.

It is natural to be interested in This season, Kim Min-jae has risen to the ranks of the best center backs in the world beyond Italy. As soon as he entered Naples, he established himself as the core. He made Kali dou Koulibaly’s existence disappear with just one game, and led the team’s scudetto with a steady and stable appearance.

The team he is most closely associated with is Manchester United. After the injuries of Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane, Manchester United, who desperately felt the need to reinforce their centre-back, selected Kim Min-jae as the right man. Reports related to transfer rumors are coming out every day in England and Italy.

Man United was active. Italian media ‘Il Martino’ said, “Man Utd informed Napoli of their intention to pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout of 56 million euros (approximately 80.4 billion won) between the first day and the 15th of July.” “Man Utd has expressed its intention to pay Kim Min-jae an annual salary of 9 million euros (approximately 12.9 billion won),” he said.

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano also covered Min-jae Kim’s Manchester United through his podcast, saying, “Man United is showing the greatest interest in bringing Kim Min-jae by paying the buyout clause.”스포츠토토

And the latest news has been updated. It was that Manchester United was preparing a deal including cash and players for the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

The main character was Victor Lindelof. He, along with Harry Maguire, is a resource that has been nominated for ‘sale’ during the summer transfer market, and Manchester United hopes to use him to make Kim Min-jae’s recruitment more advantageous. ‘Il Martino’ said, “Man United are preparing to pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. But they are also considering including Lindelof in the deal.” ‘Calcio Napoli’, which delivers news from Naples, said, “Kim Min-jae is preparing to say goodbye,” and confirmed the transfer.

Of course, it is unclear whether Lindelof’s inclusion will have a positive impact. Because Napoli only want ‘cash’. Il Martino reported that Aurelio De Laurentiis only wants cash.

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