Pole sports expressing beautiful curves

On the 15th, the 2023 Korea Pole Sports Championships and national selection were held at the Eunpyeong Culture and Arts Center performance hall in Seoul.

Hosted by the Korea Pole Sports Association and supervised by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), this tournament is the most prestigious in Korea, applying international standard game rules.스포츠토토

This year’s championships and national selections will be held in four categories: ‘pole sports’, ‘artistic pole’, ‘aerial hoop’, and ‘artistic hoop’.

Among them, the professional level is a national team selection event, where the top players in each age category are selected as national teams, and the selected players are given the right to participate in the 2023 World Championships, which will be held for five days from October 25, 2023 in Kielce, Poland.

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