“Pep doesn’t know how to use Holland!”…expert’s shocking remarks

Opinions continue to come out that Elling Holland is not suitable for Pep Guardiola’s tactics.

Haaland is a striker who entered Manchester City of the English Premier League (EPL) in the transfer window this summer. Along with Kylian Mbappe, he is performing tremendously to the point of being predicted as a candidate for the next Ballon d’Or. 온라인바카라

Holland didn’t need an EPL adaptation period. He now has 25 goals and 3 assists in 21 league appearances from his first season. Since he is far ahead of Harry Kane (17 goals), 2nd in scoring, and Ivan Tommy (14 goals), 3rd, he is considered a strong candidate for the top scorer even though the season is only half over. There is even speculation that Haaland will break the EPL record for most goals this season.

Haaland, who is building such a great career, has recently begun to receive negative reviews as his scoring has decreased slightly.

Jamie Carragher of ‘Sky Sports’ in the UK raised the question, “Isn’t Haaland joining the wrong club because his club style doesn’t match his strengths?” Former Manchester City player Dietmar Harman also claimed on ‘Talk Sports’: “This is a player Pep never wanted. I never thought he would move to Manchester City.”

Experts continue to divide between Haaland and Manchester City. “They wanted to buy the best striker in the world because they didn’t want to play against him,” said Frank McAverney of England’s ‘Football Insider’. Pep doesn’t know how to use Haaland. You can see that there is, because the Man City players don’t give Haaland the ball.”

“I don’t know when was the last time I saw Bernardo Silva pass to Haaland. Haaland wants to knock everyone down. Put the ball in the box and he’ll win. He scored 25 goals without getting the pass right. Imagine how big it will be.”

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