Park Se-hyeok, who became an NC ‘nuclear sign’, a day of exciting Dinos camp

Park Se-hyuk, the new master of the NC Dinos, is invigorating the team with a lively appearance.

On the 5th (Korean time), Dinos Camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Park Se-hyeok started the day with an early special hit before the official training with the young players and the entire squad.

Park Se-hyuk gritted his teeth to recover from the sluggish blow over the past two years after a facial fracture injury. 스포츠토토

After the early special hit, he immediately moved to the ground betting cage and continued batting practice. Coaches are concentrating on supplementing Park Se-hyuk’s hitting weakness during Doosan days, which was included in the report of the NC Power Analysis Team.

Above all, it was impressive to see Park Se-hyeok accept the coaches’ advice with an open mind.

Hell’s running time after hitting training. Park Geon-woo, his closest junior, called himself ‘Mr. Bitter Sound’. If Park Se-hyeok’s running pace dropped even a little, he shouted loudly and urged him to do his best.

The voice of Park Se-hyeok, who started working with NC pitchers, resonated loudly in the bullpen pitching field.

You can check the appearance of the NC hostess in a short day.

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