Oh Jae-won, who has a scar, to Park Chan-ho of the ‘Korean Express’, “I almost retired at the age of 30… I made a fool of the players”

“Please include this information. I really hate Korea Express (Park Chan-ho, 49).”

Spotify commentator Oh Jae-won criticized commentator Park Chan-ho in an interview with a media outlet. Commissioner Oh’s remarks were unstoppable, and these words heated up online all day.

In an interview with a media outlet released on YouTube on the 11th, Commissioner Oh was asked, “Do you expect a repercussion on the commentary style?” He shot Commissioner Park.

Committee member Oh pointed out, “It seems that (Commissioner Park) does not know the heart and gratitude that the whole nation woke up at dawn and cheered,” and “there are not one or two players who made a fool while commenting.” Commissioner Oh then criticized, saying, “I did not take responsibility for this.”

Commissioner Oh seems to have resentments against Commissioner Park. When Commissioner Park was playing for Hanwha, there was a dispute with Commissioner Oh about the ball that fits the body. On September 24, 2014, Commissioner Park mentioned the situation at the time when Commissioner Oh entered the batter’s box in the process of relaying the preliminary match between Taiwan and the Asian Games. Commissioner Park said, “It was a full count game, but Oh Jae-won hit a ground ball,” and after returning, “It was recognized as a foul because the ball hit the foot. It was a ball that was not hit,” he insisted.스포츠토토 

Commissioner Oh, who heard this remark, said, “I have never been like that. Hearing the news, he couldn’t sleep. He doesn’t have the guts to do ‘action’ in front of senior Park Chan-ho,” he said, expressing his regret. In the end, on September 28, 2014, Commissioner Park mentioned Commissioner Oh in the final relay with Taiwan and expressed his apologies, saying, “It seems that I made my juniors difficult.” He then apologized, saying, “The fans captured and sent the game scene, and the misunderstanding was resolved.” Commentator Lee Sun-cheol, who was broadcasting together, also cheered, saying, “Oh Jae-won’s personality is cool, so he will focus on the game with a light heart.”

When fans protested on social media (SNS) about Park’s remarks, Commissioner Oh complained, writing, “I almost retired at the age of 30.” Commissioner Oh, born in 1985, was 30 years old in Korean style at the time in 2014.

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