‘Notice of position change’ Whimun High School Duel Guard Kim Jun-ha

Ahead of the new season, many middle and high school teams are in the midst of strengthening their strength through Stove League in each region.

The high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season by training with university teams in Gyeongnam Gyeongju and Jeju Island, while the girls’ high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do.

This season, with the first competition of the season scheduled in Haenam in March, in the jump ball, we met the players who are expected to be active in each school in the south high school this season.

The player to be introduced this time is Kim Jun-ha (180cm, G) who will lead Whimungo’s offense.

Kim Jun-ha is a typical offensive guard. He has excellent breakthrough ability that combines strength and speed, and has explosive power in shooting. As such, his talent as a dual guard is obvious, but Kim Jun-ha couldn’t fully demonstrate his skills last season by supporting his seniors.

In a total of 22 games in the 2022 season, he played 30 minutes and 7 seconds, averaging 9.3 points, 2.96 rebounds and 3 assists.

Whimoon High School head coach Kim Ji-hoon said, “(Kim) Jun-ha has a strong aggressive tendency. His shot timing is very quick and he has explosive power. He has good strength, speed, ball handling and penetration for his height. He also has good elasticity, so if he paid more attention to rebounding, he would. He is not accustomed to participating in rebounding, but if he reinforces this part and complements his ability to quickly give away a pass when the defense is crowded, I think he will become a better player.”

Kim Jun-ha, who has been close to a supporting role, must lead the team’s attack as the best player in the upcoming season.

“I’m getting my hands and feet in sync while playing a lot of practice games,” he said. To that end, he is investing a lot of time in ball handling and pick-and-roll practice.”

He continued, “Now I have to look at my attacks and give my teammates chances. I also try to increase my outside shot attempts,” he explained, explaining his changed role on the court. 안전놀이터

Ahead of transforming into a point guard, he said, “My personal goal is to become a complete guard who is good at scoring, reading and passing. Through this, I want to get good results in the entrance exam. The team goal is to win,” he said before leaving the high school stage, shouting for a top challenge.

We hope that Whimungo, which has been far from winning for a while, will succeed in rebounding in the upcoming season with Kim Jun-ha, who has excellent offensive power, at the forefront and win the championship title.

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