Noh Jin-hyeok pledged to play an active part, ending the face-to-face confrontation with the natural enemy with FA transfer

Now I’m wearing a Lotte Giants uniform. Not only did I get a good treatment because of the FA transfer, but I was able to avoid face-to-face confrontations with tough opponents. Noh Jin-hyeok (34) pledged to promote at Lotte.

On the 19th, the Lotte Giants held an initiation ceremony for free agency transfer students at the Lotte Hotel Busan. On this day, including Noh Jin-hyeok, Yoo Kang-nam and Han Hyun-hee attended the event. Noh Jin-hyeok recorded 71 homers, 331 RBIs and a batting average of 0.266 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.761 in 801 games. He signed a 4-year, 5 billion won contract, and with Noh Jin-hyeok joining, Lotte erased the shortstop’s weakness. 토토사이트

Roh Jin-hyeok said, “General Manager Seong Min-gyu recognized my worth. I transferred because he approached me sincerely. During the off-season, I sharpened my teeth and exercised. I will repay your trust as much as I was treated well. I will hit a home run and defend for Lotte. I will become a player who is not ashamed to cheer for him.”

Lotte aims for the effect of recruiting Noh Jin-hyeok in both offense and defense. I hope Noh Jin-hyeok, who is equipped with one-hit slugging ability, will play the role of a solver at bat. He was tasked with defending the center line reliably. Noh Jin-hyeok promised to play an active part in Lotte, saying, “I have recruited a free agent, but I think it is strange if the club does not want anything. I will play faithfully as I have done so far.

With the transfer to Lotte, Noh Jin-hyeok was able to avoid face-to-face confrontations with pitchers who were difficult to deal with. He mentioned Dan Strayley and Han Hyun-hee and smiled, saying, “It was difficult to face Strayley when dealing with Lotte. I couldn’t even hit Han Hyun-hee’s ball. It’s good that Han Hyun-hee came to Lotte together.” He added, “I was strong against Koo Seung-min, but it’s a pity that he can’t hit the ball.”

Noh Jin-hyeok is preparing for the season with extraordinary determination. As much as he had a history of back injuries, he is more thoroughly committed to body care. Noh Jin-hyeok predicted his performance this season, saying, “In winter, he is doing strengthening exercises to solve his back problem. He is grinding his teeth to have a good season. He is in good shape.”

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