“No Doubt” director Subero praised, 19-year-old Moon Hyun-bin is not satisfied

 Hanwha Eagles rookie infielder Moon Hyun-bin (19) is the hottest figure on the team.

Moon Hyun-bin is an infielder who was nominated in the second round following first-round pitcher Kim Seo-hyun (19) in this year’s rookie draft.

The recent attention is not simply because the name is known. From spring camp to demonstration games, he is capturing the hearts of baseball seniors such as manager, general manager, coach, and commentator with fruitful performances. Although he is basically an infielder, he has been playing as an outfielder since Okinawa practice games to increase his utilization.토토사이트

During the camp, general manager Son Hyuk Hanwha praised the club, saying, “(Moon Hyun-bin) looks so earnest and eager to do anything that he feels like he can do anything when he looks at his training posture and eyes.” Hitting coach Kim Nam-hyung said, “I was surprised that a new player’s personal routine for batting training was established, and the understanding and the part that makes changes when he is not good is great.”

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO exhibition Kiwoom Heroes game held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 18th, “Moon Hyun-bin’s main position is second base, but he can see both the center line as well as the shortstop. Baseball IQ only. He also has good athleticism and, most of all, is fearless. When a ball is coming in the outfield and there is a fence behind, even experienced outfielders feel the fence is closer than it looks. But Moon Hyun-bin is not afraid even on the warning track.”

Coach Subero continued, “He has a good batting talent and he is still 18 years old. If it was the United States, he would have dominated the rookie league. In Korea, we have to deal with experienced foreign pitchers and pitchers in their 30s. There is no doubt about it. The swing is short and concise. There will be growing pains while experiencing the league, but if you overcome it, you will become a better player.”

Moon Hyun-bin, who met the reporters that day, said, “Director Subero said, ‘Don’t notice just because you’re a rookie, do what you want to do,’ so I think you did it boldly. I heard that he was better than his peers,” he said.

Nevertheless, one of Moon Hyun-bin’s strong points is that he is not shaken by external evaluations. He said, “I saw that the coach and the commentators gave good evaluations. I am still lacking, but I am grateful for the positive attitude. However, even if the results are good, it is my belief that ‘Let’s regret it’. Even on days when 90% are good, 10% are regrettable I am not satisfied. I have a tendency towards perfectionism and have a strong desire to compete. I will do it calmly without getting excited by praise.”

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