Newcastle on Wood for 40 billion leave after a year… Nottingham lease

Chris Wood has gone on loan to Nottingham Forest.

Nottingham officially announced on the 20th (Korean time) on the club website, “We hired Wood. If certain conditions are met, there is a clause that will be a complete transfer until the summer of 2024. The uniform number is 39.”

The New Zealand striker has spent most of his playing career in England. He started with West Bromwich Albion, then played for Barnsley FC, Brighton, Birmingham City and Leicester City, before making his name properly known by showing off his explosive goalscoring power at Leeds United. Wood, who was called a bomber in the English championship (2nd division) during Leeds, entered Burnley in 2017. 안전놀이터

At Burnley, Wood had a full-fledged heyday. From his first season, he scored 10 English Premier League (EPL) goals and scored double digits in four consecutive seasons, including his debut season. Burnley played a decisive role in becoming the EPL president and established his position. Then he came to Newcastle midway through last season. Newcastle paid 30 million euros (about 40 billion won) for Wood’s transfer.

Although Wood played an active role as a main gun at Burnley, it was pointed out that the amount of the transfer fee was excessive. He also judged that it was Newcastle’s full-fledged investment move with Saudi Arabia’s capital on its back. Wood only scored 2 goals in the second half, but he energized the offense by attracting the attention of the defense at the forefront and making a clear post play. With the arrival of Alexander Isaac this season and the resurgence of Callum Wilson, Wood’s position has narrowed.

Nottingham, who lacked the front line, wanted Wood. Nottingham joined the EPL after a long absence this season and embarked on a massive reinforcement. They brought in numerous players and added players to various positions, but showed disappointment in terms of organization, which led to sluggish performance. It is true that the recent rebound has been successful, but it is still not satisfactory. Wood was brought in to fill the offensive power that the highest scorer can only score 4 goals.

Wood said: “I am very happy and grateful to be here at Nottingham. Nottingham is a huge club and it’s great to be able to wear this team’s shirt. The Nottingham project is going in a positive direction. I can’t wait to play at Nottingham’s home ground with passionate fans.” He expressed his feelings about joining.

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