‘New groom’ Lim Seong-jae “This year’s goal is to participate in the Tour Championship”

Im Seong-jae, the ‘New Bridegroom’, announced his New Year’s goal ahead of the Sentry Tournament of Champions on the PGA Tour.

In an official interview held on the 5th, Lim Seong-jae, who had a year-end wedding, said, “Time seems to have passed really quickly. I was distracted in the process of preparing, but I think I will start this year with a new heart. It seems to motivate me.”

Prior to the competition held in Hawaii, USA, they also enjoyed their honeymoon in Hawaii. Lim Seong-jae said, “I came in a little early for my honeymoon because there was a competition in Hawaii,” and “I think I had a fun time seeing a lot of things to see in Honolulu and eating delicious food.” 토토

He said his goal for this year was “starting with this week’s race and going all the way to the Tour Championship, and this year’s goal is to do the same for the Tour Championship.” 

He expressed his desire, “My goal is always to do well in major tournaments. Just like I did for the past 4 years, my goal is to spend this year consistently. I want to play well throughout the year without getting injured and maintaining good condition.”

Regarding this tournament, which I participated in for the third time, “I have been in the top 10 for two years, and I think I have placed 5th and 8th once. I have good memories. I always feel good when I come here. The scenery is good and I like the course.