NC foreign batter batting average 0.056, 4 strikeouts, silence… Memories of ‘8 Tare’ and NC’s trust

“The batting is still in the stage of adaptation

. ” It is natural for a foreign hitter with no experience in the KBO league to spend time adjusting after coming from a new league. He has a lot to learn from the stadium atmosphere. But even though I know it in my head, I can’t help but feel anxious because my grades are so low.

Martin had a batting average of 0.071 (1 hit in 14 at-bats) in 5 exhibition games until the 24th. Of course, it is important for him to see the ball a lot, but it is also important to produce results with as many as possible and good in-play in demonstration games. That’s because he can take his hitting timing. But Martin isn’t doing any of that. He has the ball too far with the bat.먹튀검증

He doesn’t have a lot of major league career, but his recent triple-A performance is said to be even more difficult to fail. Martin, who played on the major league stage until 2021, had a monster season last year with a batting average of 0.285, 32 home runs, 107 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.938 in 129 triple-A games. But he seldom shows such an exciting blow.

Ahead of the KIA demonstration game in Gwangju on the 25th, NC coach Kang In-kwon showed his faith. Coach Kang praised Martin’s center field defense, saying, “He has a very good defense. He is also a speedy player. I am not concerned about the defense.” ” said However, in the game on the 25th, he had the worst record.

He struck out in all four at-bats, dropping his batting average to 0.056. It’s okay to strike out, but the content wasn’t good either. In the first and third innings, Yang Hyeon-jong struck out on a swing with a high fastball. Even if Yang Hyeon-jong had power at the end of his ball, the timing was too late. The bat came back only after the ball had passed. The timing was also a problem, and the height didn’t match well. The ball goes high, but the bat comes from the low side.

In the 5th inning against Kim Ki-hoon, he also struck out on a swing in a fastball match. In the 7th inning against left-handed sidearm Kim Dae-yu, who is rarely seen, he also failed to match his fastball timing.

There is no royal road. Everyone knows it takes time. For NC, it is important for Martin to adapt quickly and show a gradual improvement from the regular season. This is because he has been designed as the team’s steadfast central hitter. If the sluggishness lasts for a long time, the players will be chased, and if that happens, they will not be able to demonstrate their skills. Some reason is needed.

Aaron Altair, who is remembered as a successful foreign hitter after playing for two years in NC, also remembers that his hitting in the demonstration game of his debut season in the KBO League was not good. He entered the regular season in a shaky situation as his defense was good, but he failed to live up to high expectations in his hitting. At the beginning of the season, he was silent only when he went to the center batting line, but was very active in the lower batting line, such as No. 8, and was nicknamed ‘8 Tear’.

However, after adapting perfectly, he became a top-class hitter who performed well in any batting order. This shows that not only technical adaptation, but also psychological stability is necessary. His psychological stability eventually comes from grades. Attention is focusing on whether Martin will be able to find a clue.

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