“Napoli raises Kim Min-jae’s buyout to 88 billion won”

Italian Serie Napoli is pushing for an increase in the buyout (minimum amount allowed for transfer) of key defender Kim Min-jae (27).

Italian media Ilmartino reported on the 4th that Napoli is planning to increase the buyout after one season to catch Kim Min-jae.

The media explained, “Because of Kim Min-jae’s outstanding performance and the English Premier League (EPL)’s hot interest, we have no choice but to take immediate action against Kim Min-jae.”

Kim Min-jae signed a ‘3+2 year’ contract when he moved to Naples from Fenerbahce in the Turkiye League in July last year. It is known that his annual salary is around 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.4 billion won) after tax. In addition, Kim Min-jae’s side obtained the condition that the buyout can be triggered temporarily for 15 days from July 1 to 15 this summer, which will be the first year from Naples. 바카라

According to Ilmartino, Napoli is trying to raise Kim Min-jae’s buyout set at 48 million euros (about 64.8 billion won) to 65 million euros (about 87.8 billion won).

Kim Min-jae was recruited as a replacement resource after Kalidou Koulibaly, a key defender of Napoli, left for EPL Chelsea. However, he proved his worth in just one season. In September of last year, he was the first Asian player to be selected as the Serie A Player of the Month, and even while playing in the Champions League, he is leading the team with the minimum number of goals (15 points) after 20 rounds of the league.

Despite Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli is not laughing because of the buyout. Ilmatino analyzed that while Kim Min-jae showed good skills in every game, the relatively inexpensive buyout made even EPL big clubs like Manchester United move.

Regarding the buyout to be upgraded, the media said, “It can be a reasonable price for an English club,” and worried that Kim Min-jae could leave Italy after one season.

It is known that Manchester United is aiming to recruit Kim Min-jae during the buyout period in July. Manchester United only made loan transfers in the transfer market this winter, but spent 240 million euros last summer.

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