“Most Manchester United fans”… FW who ‘sniped’ a Man City fan

 Aston Villa legend and former England striker Gaby Agbonlaher praised Manchester United fans and ‘sniped’ Manchester City fans.

In an interview with England’s ‘Football Insider’, he criticized, “Man City will never have a loyal fan base compared to their Premier League rivals. Man City’s stadium is full of tourists or neutral fans.” 안전놀이터

In particular, he explained that the recent match against Tottenham was a game that properly showed Manchester City fanship. Manchester City were drawn 0-2 at halftime. Man City home fans booed. However, in the second half, they exploded a goal firecracker and won 4-2.

“There is a lack of passion and fire among Manchester City fans,” Agbonlaher said. “Man City fans are different from passionate fans of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. I don’t think Manchester City fans will ever reach the level of these teams.”

He added: “Pep Guardiola has not been impressed by Manchester City fans for many years. Pep will not be cheered with enthusiasm in the future.”

“Most football fans in the Manchester area are Manchester United fans,” he said.

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