MLB 30 years reporter “Dominica won, Japan runner-up”.. Korea is not interested

A veteran reporter with 30 years of major league coverage predicted the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). While the Dominican Republic and Japan were chosen as the favorites, South Korea was not even the target of vigilance.

On the 13th, the Japanese magazine ‘Number’ introduced an interview with reporter Scott Miller of The New York Times.

Miller said, “I think the top four of this tournament are Japan, the United States, Dominica, and Puerto Rico. From the United States point of view, Japan is a mysterious entity. It will be less powerful than the United States or Dominica, but until you actually see how much firepower it has. I don’t know. I think this part will be advantageous to Japan,” he said carefully. 먹튀검증

As Miller said, Latin American countries such as Dominica and Puerto Rico are full of sluggers. However, there are many players who play in the major leagues, so it is easy to analyze their power. Except for a handful of major leaguers such as Shohei Otani and Seiya Suzuki, Japan is virtually the same as seeing it for the first time.

The number is ‘Japan has only five major leaguers such as Ohtani, Darvish, and Suzuki. In the U.S., all 30 national team members, including 20 former All-Stars, are from the major leagues. Dominica is also a member of the major leagues except for two free agents. If you only guess the starting members, it is the strongest class. Puerto Rico also explained that the starting lineup can be filled with top-notch major leaguers.

Miller said, “Otani and Darvish have a very strong presence in Japan. They are at the Hall of Fame level. His presence will have a huge impact on the team, creating a synergistic effect that will allow his teammates to play beyond their abilities.”

Miller predicted that the United States and Japan would meet in the semifinals.

“It’s not an easy fight for Japan, even in the first and quarterfinal rounds in Tokyo,” Miller said. “Even if Cuba isn’t the best member, the individual level is high. It won’t be easy. If it is the semifinal between the United States and Japan, baseball fans around the world will undoubtedly be excited.”

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