Minnesota Gobert returns home after quarrel with teammate

Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert looked ugly.

Gobaer punched his teammate Kyle Anderson during a game against the New Orleans Pelicans held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on the 10th (Korean time).

Coming to the bench for a second-quarter action time, he got into an altercation with Anderson, and as the argument escalated, he threw his fists out. Colleagues and coaching staff, including coach Chris Finch, had to stop the two.

Afterwards, Gobert went straight to the locker room, and the Timberwolves club announced that Gobert would not be able to play in the second half without revealing any particular reason.먹튀검증

Tim Connelly, the club’s president of basketball operations, issued a statement afterward saying, “Gobert was sent home in connection with an incident that occurred during the second quarter. The behavior he showed is unacceptable, and action will be taken against it internally.”

Minnesota had an important match against New Orleans for the 8th seed that day. The difference between the 8th seed and the 9th seed is huge. The 8th seed needs to win just one seed to qualify for the 7th seed, but the 9th seed needs to win twice to make the playoffs.

Despite this incident, Minnesota won 113-108 on the day and confirmed the 8th seed. They will battle against the Los Angeles Lakers for the 7th seed.

After Gobert’s incident, his remarks about Anderson before the game became a hot topic belatedly.

He said, “Kyle always wants to win. And sometimes he gets a little bit over the top in the way he speaks. But I don’t take it as a personal feeling.”

However, in this case, it turned out that the words were a lie.

The ‘infighting’ wasn’t just in Minnesota. On the same day, Mason Fumbly and Bonds Highland of the LA Clippers also showed the appearance of pushing each other while arguing on the bench ahead of the 4th quarter of an away game against the Phoenix Suns.

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