‘Mane and Nagelsmann feud in the locker room’ clique split in Munich

 It is known that the reason for the dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann (36) from Bayern Munich was the failure to take control of the squad.

On the 29th, Germany’s ‘Bild’ magazine said, “PSG and Champions League round of 16 second leg, Sadio Mane (31) entered as a substitute in the 82nd minute and played only 8 minutes. An angry Mane exploded at Nagelsmann in the locker room. An agitated Nagelsmann started Mane in the next game.” 안전놀이터

Young director Nagelsmann and veteran Mane are only five years apart. Other players were also shaken by the weak appearance of the coach who did not properly control the players. Inside Munich, it is said that the faction split between those who supported Manet and those who were dissatisfied with Manet’s appointment.

‘Bild’ said, “Munich’s leadership fired coach Nagelsmann for failing to stop internal factions. The reason why I brought Thomas Tuchel is because he has experience in organizing star corps at PSG and Chelsea.” / jasonseo34@osen.co.kr

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