‘Long hit rookie’ Bang Shin-sil, come-from-behind victory over ‘defending champion’

Yesterday (16th), I introduced 19-year-old rookie Bang Sin-sil, who is a hot topic in domestic women’s golf for her cool long shots. From the first game in the match play competition, they defeated last year’s winner.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


Bang Shin-sil drew the admiration of the gallery today with an explosive long shot.

In the 362m, par 4 hole, a powerful tee shot hit the cart road and went all the way to the green.

On the first day, Bang Shin-sil, who met Hong Jeong-min, a national team senior and last year’s champion, was behind Hong Jeong-min by two holes to the 13th hole, but did not back down.스포츠토토

A birdie, a chip on the 16th hole, turned the game around, and ended thrillingly on the last par 5, 18th hole.

After sending the tee shot 260m, I hit the green with the third shot without overdoing it, and exquisitely put a wedge shot on the pin and connected it with a birdie to win by one hole.

From the first game, we started off strong by beating the ‘defending champion’.

This tournament, with 64 players, will play a group stage of 4 players each to determine the final 16 tournament entrants.

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