‘Leaving Korea’ Katarina “Going with the tenacity of players who do not give up”

Katarina Jovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), a foreign player from the Korea Expressway Corporation, left Korea right after the third round.

Katarina reached a mutually amicable agreement with her club following the Road Corporation’s decision to replace foreign players, and she said goodbye with a smile.

Katarina, who departed through Incheon International Airport on the 4th, said, “I played half of the season in Korea. It was good to be able to participate in the V-League.”

At the same time, she also mentioned the schedule change, saying, “European leagues are mostly weekend games, but the Korean league played every 3 or 4 days. This part was difficult because the term was short.”

When asked what was the most impressive part of the V-League, Katarina said, “It’s the defense. They rallied for two minutes. I could see the players’ tenacity to get one point.”

What Katarina gained in Korea is also related to this. He looked back, saying, “The most impressive thing was not giving up until the end. I also learned this part. He emphasized the relentless defense and the tenacity of the players not to give up until the end by mentioning twice.

Regarding her intention to retake the V-League, Katarina left room, saying, “I will think about it after I have accumulated experience.” 토토

Katarina will be taking a break from her Bosnian home for the time being, but he will likely return to the court soon. Katarina also said, “I can look around Korea and go, but I have to play volleyball.”

When asked about a move to Italy, he said, “It’s not confirmed yet. Things may change when I return home.”

Katarina got along well with her teammates and was diligent in training. In the process of terminating her contract, she had no friction with the front desk. He did his best until the last game before leaving the country and led the team to victory with the most points.

Katarina, who played 18 regular league games, scored 350 points (6th place). 319 offensive points (8th). He scored 22 points on blocking and 9 points on serve, and had an attack share of 31.9% and an attack success rate of 35.9%. In 18 games in which Katarina played an active part, Korea Expressway Corporation recorded 9 wins, 9 losses and 26 points, ranking third.

Even at Incheon International Airport, his expression was bright. Catarina said, “It was a memorable time. The coaching staff, the front desk, and even my fellow players treated me well. I don’t like alcohol, so I didn’t drink soju, but I think I’ll remember Kimbap and Cheonggukjang.”

Katarina, who was originally scheduled to leave the country in mid-January, parted ways with his players early as the departure date was pushed back. Due to the tight season schedule, it was regrettable that we could not share his last memories while eating together outside.

He also regretted not spending more time with his best friend, Yelena. When Yelena was given a sleepover, she drove herself down from Yongin to Gimcheon, and had a meal with Katarina and had a deep conversation.

Katarina said, “I sincerely thank the Korean fans who supported me,” and entered the departure hall with a smile.