Leading Hyundai E&C, 3 consecutive losses caught by road construction… Heungkuk, 1st place in front of reversal

 Korea Expressway Corporation, which ranked 3rd in women’s professional volleyball, plunged leading Hyundai E&C into a 3-game losing streak.

Highway Corporation won a set score 3-1 (21-25 25-21 25-20 25-20) in an away game against Hyundai E&C in the 5th round of the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 14th.

With this, Korea Expressway Corporation has won 2 consecutive wins following the 4th round after 3 consecutive losses against Hyundai E&C this season. With a record of 16 wins, 12 losses and 47 points, the road construction firm kept its third place, which allowed it to advance to spring volleyball on its own. The regret of the previous defeat at GS Caltex was also erased.

On the other hand, Hyundai E&C fell into a swamp of three consecutive losses following Heungkuk Life Insurance (0-3 loss) on the 7th and Pepper Savings Bank (2-3 loss) on the 10th. Hyundai E&C, which had 61 points (21 wins, 7 losses), was in danger of giving up its leading position to Heungkuk Life Insurance (20 wins, 7 losses, 60 points), which had played one less game.

If Heungkuk Life Insurance wins the Pepper Savings Bank match on the 15th, it will surpass Hyundai E&C and rise to the top of the women’s division. 메이저사이트

On this day, Hyundai E&C started the game without starting outside hitters Go Ye-rim and Hwang Min-kyung. It was not easy for Ko Ye-rim to play in the game due to knee and Hwang Min-kyung’s knee and back problems. At least Go Ye-rim started on the court from the 4th set, but normal attacks were not easy.

Still, Hyundai E&C took the first set 25-21. Yang Hyo-jin was responsible for 7 points, and Montaño, a new foreign player, also led the attack with 6 points. Instead of Go Ye-rim and Hwang Min-kyung, Jeong Si-young and Jung Ji-yoon, who started as outside heaters, also played their part without much difficulty in receiving.

However, in the second set, the flow went over to the road construction. Montaño’s attack success rate dropped to 20%. He also committed eight crimes in the second set alone. On the other hand, in the road construction, Catbell and Park Jung-ah Ssangpo survived. The two players combined for 15 points in the second set alone.

Expressway Corporation also overwhelmed Hyundai E&C in the 3rd and 4th sets. Middle blockers such as Bae Yoo-na and Jeong Dae-young also contributed to the high RBI attacks of Catbell and Park Jung-ah with blocking. The road construction team, which ranked first in team blocking, caught 5 blocking points in only the third set.

Even Yang Hyo-jin, whom Hyundai E&C trusted, had difficulty attacking. Middle blocker Lee Da-hyun scored 6 points including 2 blocks in the 3rd set only, but other players lacked support.

The same trend continued into the 4th set. Highway Corporation, which had increased confidence, pushed Hyundai E&C by adding Catbell, Park Jung-ah, and Bae Yu-na to the attack. The road construction, which ran to 16-10 in the middle of the set, easily finished the game while maintaining the score.

The road construction did its part, with main strikers Catbell and Park Jung-ah scoring 22 and 18 points, respectively. Yuna Bae was also responsible for 10 points, including 3 blocks. Veteran Chung Dae-young scored 4 points out of 8 points only by blocking.

On the other hand, Hyundai Engineering & Construction made eight mistakes, although Montaño played his part with 20 points. Yang Hyo-jin struggled with 19 points, including 4 blocks, but the team lost. On this day, Hyundai E&C recorded 28 items, twice as many as the road construction (14) in the room.

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