Leader Baltimore ↔ Last Yankees, ‘Aldong of Fear’ changed fate in a year

Baltimore, Yankees with the highest odds rate in the American League with solid power
, all pitching collapsed, falling to the bottom of the earth

The American League East District leaderboard, which is rumored to be the strongest in the American professional baseball major leagues, has completely changed in one year. The Baltimore Orioles, who had fallen in the bottom ranks, rose to the top with amazing power, and the New York Yankees, who won the district championship last season, fell to last place after repeated falls.

In the game on the 21st (Korean time), the joys and sorrows of Baltimore and the Yankees were mixed. Baltimore sprinted to the top of the division with a 12-1 win over the Oakland Athletics, and the Yankees struggled in last place with another 5-6 loss to the same division’s Boston Red Sox. The two teams’ riding stretched to 17 games.

It’s the exact opposite of last season. Last season Baltimore finished fourth in the division. He marked a win rate of over 50% with 83 wins and 79 losses, but lacked strength. In the wild card race, he was pushed by the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay race in the same district, so he could not get an invitation to the fall party. The Yankees won the district championship. With a 99-63 win rate of 0.611, he confidently advanced to the postseason. Last season, the two teams’ ride was 16 games.

A surprise happened this season. Baltimore continues its strong form and is on a winning streak. Currently, he is 77-47 and has the highest win rate in the American League, 0.621. All of the recent pitching has been stable, and the recent three wins in a row. They are ahead of 2nd place Tampa Bay by 3 games and are looking to win the district championship.토스카지노

The Yankees are falling endlessly. It has completely collapsed in the last 8 consecutive losses. With a record of 60 wins and 64 losses, it is slipping below the 50% win rate and is not getting out of last place. It was 6 games behind 4th place Boston, and even 7th place in the wild card race. In fact, the district championship was sold out, and obtaining a wild card became very difficult.

‘Aldong of Fear’ is chasing Tampa Bay, Toronto and Boston in the reversed fate of Baltimore and Yankees. Tampa Bay ranked second with 75-51, followed by Toronto (69-56) and Boston (66-58). For now, Baltimore is likely to win the district championship, and Tampa Bay is expected to grab the wild card. Toronto and Boston are chasing Tampa Bay and challenging the wild card hunt.

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